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We express ourselves through the way we dress or the various types of fashion styles we choose to take part in. I’m sure a lot of you have heard people saying that they judge a person’s personality depending on what shoes they wear or what types of accessories they wear.

Fashion is an incredibly dynamic force which empowers and persuades all genders. Fashion helps a person shine individually and also brings out their inner fierce selves to show to the world. Fashion mirrors a person’s personality and what they think of the world around them. It is crazy how the clothing a person wears can change their mood so swiftly. One minute, a person can be wearing a Ralph Lauren plaid jacket and snatch the attention of everyone around, into the palm of their hands.

On the other hand, when the person is at home where they feel the utmost comfort in their soft silk PJ’s with some hot chamomile tea they are at their most vulnerable stage of the day.

Source: Favim

It’s explicable how just a change of clothes changes a person so much in the matter of seconds. It can be tough trying to find a place in this incredibly large world which feels like it’s never ending. Fashion gives you a sense of belonging in situations where you’re at a fork road and don’t know which direction to go in.

Dior’s incredible creativity:-

In 2020, the brand Dior commenced the Paris fashion week which was themed completely based on Female empowerment through fashion. All the women who walked the fashion week were in subtle yet bold depicting makeup. Dior’s new line of clothing sent a very important message to people around the world. The clothing said more than words ever could in such a creative way. The most important thing Dior made sure to cover through the line was that women are strong and fierce people and can get through anything with just a little bit of hard work and tough times.

Fashion empowerment isn’t only shown through bold statements but also by people themselves. There are so many designers out there who want to make a change, make a difference in the world we are living in. They want to make everyone hear that all people living in this insanely huge world have the right to be heard and should stand up for what they believe in. When a designer creates a new look, it doesn’t just show new patterns and latest trending colour combinations. It shows their life journey. It shows how many hurdles life threw at them. Yet, so many people crossed the hurdles and obstacles, they took all their defeats and mistakes to make a huge building block which acted as a base to the start of them finally succeeding and getting to the good place that they had their eye on since the day they could dream and make goals. This is what true empowerment really is.

Georgiana Huddart created a British based swimwear brand which is loved by so many people. Yes, people really like the incredible swimwear she creates but, the thing that catches people’s attention the most is the ideology behind the swimwear.

The swimwear is only available in free size. It is made up of a stretchable material which accommodates the shape and size of any body. It helps women feel comfortable in their body and tells the buyers that regardless of what their body type is, they shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt their bodies like a person with waist 24 jeans would.


We live in a world full of diversity and an endless number of problems. Fashion empowerment is helping us bring down that diversity. We as people who are interested in the fashion industry, should also contribute to fashion empowerment. As much as I'd like to make myself and everyone around me believe that the world is full of rainbows and unicorns, it's not. There is a darker dingy part of the world that not many people talk about in their daily life. We can all make the sun rays peak through the darker side even if it's just a little bit through fashion empowerment.

- Written by Neha Tadepalli

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