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Acing as a Confident Fashion Student /Professional

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

All roads lead to success when your confidence is just right. And, as for building and maintaining that confidence in the competitive world of fashion? Well, it takes work. We can define confidence for a fashion design student or a professional fashion designer as belief in one’s work, knowing that you are capable and deserving of success, and of course, the right knowledge and skills of the fashion industry. But, as discussed, it doesn’t come easy and most certainly doesn’t stay uniformly. It takes months and sometimes even years to gain that confidence and keep it as your constant. Of course, it has a lot to do with your personality. For some of you, it might be easy, but for the rest, it may seem a tad bit more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s easier said than done, but well, the journey is one that is worth it. Wondering how you can get there? Scroll below. Wondering how you can get there? Scroll below.

What is Confidence in Fashion?

Before going deeper into how you can achieve this, let’s get you a clear picture of what exactly is confidence in the field of fashion first. Well, confidence in fashion is knowing your core brand values and living by them throughout your career. It is staying updated on the up and coming trends of the season. Confidence as a part of the fashion world means being aware of fashion history and its evolution. It is being able to articulate, pitch and bring your ideas to life. All of this and more makes up for confidence in fashion. If you’re confident, you are also open to criticism with a mature understanding and knowing that it is also a learning process. It’s obviously important to know it all, be it any field and career that you choose to pursue.

Source: Shopify

But, before we get carried away with the term confidence, let’s not forget that there is always a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. We have all been there, haven’t we? Being confident is one thing, but being overconfident is another. While one can propel your career towards success, one can plummet it downwards. Your confident approach will take you to places, sometimes roads less traveled. In the end, fuelling your confidence with your mistakes and learnings is something that will send you higher and higher. How to Gain More Confidence?

Nothing comes easy. The same goes for success and confidence. Behind every great story, there’s hard work and practice, which has time and time again proven to be super useful and highly recommended by experts. So, if you’re looking to ace it as a confident fashion design student and professional fashion designer, learn to practice it first. In addition to building and boosting confidence, it can also help improve the quality of your performance and work.

Say, you have the jitters before a big presentation. And, by practicing the presentation by infusing confidence into it, you are not only rehearsing the feeling of appearing confident on stage but also preparing to perform much, much better than you could imagine. It is similar to doing a dry run right before opening a new store. Even confident individuals who are optimistic about their abilities can become more so with better preparation. As for other effective ways to invite confidence besides practising it, here they are!

1. Contests

You don’t know if you are fully ready until you put yourself out there and see it yourself. By participating in various contests in your fashion domain, you will not only build the confidence you need to face your competitors but also learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and the research that goes in while you prepare for these contests, is always a value add for your knowledge bank. Evidently, by putting yourself out there and participating in various contests, you will be thriving with confidence sooner or later.

2. Seminars Sometimes, confidence also comes in the form of socializing and expanding your network. Meeting like-minded individuals and watching field experts talk about it and sharing their experiences can be an instant boost of confidence. And, we mean this not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Attending seminars is also the perfect place for you to interact with the audience and keep tabs on your confidence at all times. Sure, the experience may be intimidating but hey, if you don’t try, how will you ever know that you have it in you? Additionally, seminars have proven to be important mediums for networking as is. So, encourage yourself every time you come across opportunities to test your skills, knowledge, and confidence.

3. Put yourself out there It’s as simple as that–just let it all go and put yourself out there, whether it is as small and simple as taking accountability for a group project or speaking up and sharing your fashion thoughts in a pitch. Putting yourself out there as a professional fashion designer also means you’ll have a thousand opinions and comments on yourself and your work. But, that’s the challenge. Standing steady on the ground, owning your work values and visions, while also being open to criticism and diverse thoughts–that is how you get the confidence you need to thrive in an industry like fashion. You don’t know what you are capable of until you are truly tested.

Source: Shopify

4. Get Uncomfortable Getting uncomfortable is the beginning of a new journey altogether. You see, the thing is when you put yourself out there, you might feel nervous and also get uncomfortable on some occasions. Feeling nervous before your pitch, networking or giving any performance is quite natural. In fact, it is a good sign! It is your body's way of helping you do your best. In fact, the "stress hormones” produced by your body at such times can actually help you focus even better. So, be ready to be uncomfortable; that’s what eventually leads to a comfortable space, where you are confident like you imagined yourself to be. But, it certainly takes that courage for the first step of discomfort from you.

5. Consistency Be it any profession or field, you can go a long way if there’s room for consistency. Consistency in practice and self-analysis on a time to time basis can work in your favour. Once you begin to understand the whole process, it will be a lot easier for you to overcome difficult situations. And, who doesn’t want that? We all do, right? So, let’s not allow laziness and a laid-back attitude to come in the way of your progress. Strict routines, reminder apps, motivation, a vision board, networking and keeping in touch with like-minded individuals should do the trick of keeping you inspired and in turn, consistent. The key is to not lose focus, seek inspiration, be open to negative feelings and be consistent with it all.

Confidence always has and will always be evergreen, be it any situation that you’re in. In fact, coming from a creative industry like fashion, where we are constantly on the go, we are left with no choice but to keep up with the new trends, learn new skills and upscale our confidence in the right proportion. The key here would be to take your time identifying your strengths and weaknesses and work on your confidence accordingly. Sure, sometimes you may encounter failures. But, the good thing is that failures are always the best teachers. Moreover, failure indeed can be very useful for building your much-needed confidence. You must constantly try things you don’t think you can do. Get uncomfortable in the process, if you have to. Lastly, knowing your worth is as important as working hard on your confidence. Because personal confidence equals professional confidence!


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