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Inside the Designer Shala Fashion Summer Camp

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

This summertime is like no other. There is excessive home time and limitations to outdoor leisure and hobbies. We feel you. But, while there is a high chance of us spending our summer vacations with our eyes stuck on the screen and lazing around. There are also a good few ways to spend it in a way that not only kills your boredom and fuels you with motivation but also makes this summer a creative and productive one!

Yes, you can sign up for courses, buy some books and learn life skills like cooking. But, there’s nothing like a summer camp in an area of interest, passion, and love. Yes, we’re turning our gaze towards our Fashion Summer Camp! Filled with interactive sessions with our Designer Didi and students who are just as enthusiastic about fashion as you, the camp is set to be ground-breaking in every way!

The summer camp has successfully kick-started and we can’t contain the excitement! But, this is just one of many more such camps to come. So, if this does sound like something you’d want to be a part of then read on to know more about this one.

But First, What is the Designer Shala Fashion Summer Camp?

The Designer Shala Fashion Summer Camp is a two-week-long workshop with daily learning on the basics and some gems of knowledge on fashion designing. The camp will take up about 90 minutes of your day for the entirety of two weeks, where your very own Designer Didi, Shivangi will take these live sessions. Here is what the curriculum of this summer camp looks like:

Day 1. Introduction to a career in design + orientation

This session will cover the very basics of design and the many different elements and factors that go into it. Here, you can get an understanding of what a career in fashion entails.

Day 2. Learn how to make a 9 head fashion figure

Step up your basic fashion learnings or refine your existing ones by learning the right techniques of sketching croquis. Learn how to make a 9 head figure fashion from scratch.

Day 3. Working with faces and hair

Consider this as an important part of your design and orientation. Here, you’ll learn how to work with the diversity in face shapes, features, and hairstyles.

Day 4. Making garments and folds

On day four, we’ll get to one of the main parts of design by understanding and learning how to make garments and the many different folds.

Day 5. Understanding colours and colour theory

Undoubtedly, colours play a massive role in fashion. Here, you’ll dive deeper into the many shades of colours available, and understand the colour wheel and theory thoroughly.

Day 6. Developing hand-drawn motifs and converting them into textile prints

On day 6, you’ll take it a notch higher and convert your own motif creations into prints using textile designing.

Day 7. Colouring your fashion figures

Here, you’ll finally be able to add some more character to your fashion figures (croquis) by filling them with colours. You’ll also apply your understanding from Day 5’s learnings here.

Day 8. Illustration flat-lays with your phone

Time to capture your final illustrations in appealing ways, to be able to present your work and creativity professionally. And, all you’ll need is your phone!

Day 9. Making 3D paper dresses

Let’s now add some life to your designs? Learn how to create 3D paper dresses that look as good as real couture.

Day 10. Surprise!

Well, let’s just leave it here.

5 Reasons to Join the Fashion Summer Camp

If you’ve got your eyes on this summer camp but just missed it, here is why you should join it the next time around. These are all the reasons why this Fashion Summer Camp is a hit and why the upcoming ones will be too!

1. Upskill, don’t sit still

If you’re a student who loves fashion and wants to pursue it or are already studying it, it is always a good idea to keep looking for upskilling opportunities. Especially during times when there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do during vacations. That’s when upskilling becomes the solution to your boredom and stagnation in your studies and motivation.

2. Explore and find your calling

Whether you are someone in your teens who likes design but are unsure if the industry is for you, this is the time to explore it and find out if it is your calling or not. This fashion camp workshop will familiarize you with the basics of fashion design, which is enough to help you understand if you’re fit for it or not

3. Learn with interactive live lessons

Learning is always fun and a lot more interesting when it is interactive and done with like-minded learners with you. This workshop is bound to be just that! With Designer Didi hosting these live sessions and many other students like you, the camp is a combination of education, interaction, and immense fun!

4. All you need is interest to qualify

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a fashion student or someone who is miles away from it but is simply curious. It doesn’t matter who you are, how many creative skills you are equipped with, or if fashion is in your future plans. As long as you are interested in knowing, learning, exploring, and simply embracing your interest in fashion, this workshop is for you.

5. Gives you a creative and productive release

The fashion camp is designed to not only educate aspirants and creative beings but also to give them a release from their boredom and energies. The workshop is carefully curated to teach the basics of design and also give you a chance to practice the different parts of the job. This will not only give you a productive pastime for the current times but also be creatively stimulating for you.

Who is Our Fashion Camps Designed For?

  • A beginner who is not familiar with fashion in any way and is looking to explore it as a hobby or a career. This camp is not based on any qualifications and is open to anyone who simply likes fashion.

  • Anyone who is aged 18 or below can be a part of this summer camp. It serves to be an engaging and interactive experience that is designed to educate young boys and girls, who would like to get a hint of the profession.

  • A fashion student who is simply looking to upgrade and or upskill in fashion or someone who wants to understand how fashion works.

  • A fashion aspirant who loves fashion and is committed enough to consider it as a career but is exploring all different domains under it.

  • Anyone who likes fashion and simply wants to channelize their creativity or passion for fashion through a fun and productive medium.

  • A student who wants to explore this career as a side-hustle, hobby, or simply out of curiosity.

We’re guessing you’re all set to be a part of this Fashion Summer Camp or the future ones by now. Keep an eye out for our existing courses and upcoming workshops by subscribing to our emailers!

Meanwhile, let’s make this summer a little creative, fashionable, and a whole lot of fun.

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