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Biggest free fashion illustration challenge

Hey there! It’s me, Designer Didi AKA Shivangi writing to you this time. If you’re someone who was a part of my #YourDreamFashionLife 30 Day Free Fashion Illustration Challenge, then welcome! You’re invited to read on to know that yes, you made the right decision and I’m so happy to see you pursue fashion as your dream. And well, if you are someone who just missed the challenge, read on to know all that you missed now but can avail later when similar opportunities pop up on the cards. So, let me first start by announcing that this challenge had over 3000 participants so far! And, concluding the challenge now seems like such a great moment for me, where I got the chance to see so many new faces and give them insights into the art of illustration. What the Challenge Was About This 30-day challenge was a free illustration schedule that was all about practicing and channelizing your creativity and passion for fashion. The whole month of June was defined by everyday prompts that inspired and urged the participants to be consistent with their illustrations and have fun with them! And, what was the most joyous part about it? Well, today, that is at the end of the month, I bet you find yourself as a better illustrator with better motivation, enthusiasm towards fashion, and who knows? Even some exciting prizes! More on that later. Meanwhile, here is more about the challenge and all that it entailed. 1.The participants or my students who were already subscribed to my mailing list woke up daily to find a fashion prompt in their emails throughout the month! These prompts served as a reference point or a peg for that day’s design. Here’s an example: Yellow boots or maybe a black dress. So, here the participants let their imagination and creativity join hands and rendered a design based around that prompt. 2.You must be wondering what exactly was the challenge here. Well, being consistent is a big challenge in itself, isn’t it? More so, the participants of this challenge were required to share their fashion illustrations designed with the prompt on the same day! And yes, my team kept all the track, where the participants were required to share their designs daily with the #DesignerShala community by posting them on Instagram and tagging me AKA @lahotyshivangi and of course, @designershala. 3. So, this challenge also saw me live every Sunday at 11 AM to send some motivation towards my participants. Here, I reviewed some of the best works of the week by the ones who’d tagged us and I also gave the best ones a shout out in the group! A little motivation goes a long way, doesn’t it? What more? Yes, the perks didn’t end here! 4. One student who completed all the 30 days of prompts in this challenge also stands a chance to: -Get goodies from DesignerShala worth ₹5,000 -A 1:1 mentoring session with ME -And, a scholarship to the Concept to Creation course worth ₹11,999 (the prices for the course are going up soon so if you are interested, consider buying it now!) 5. The participants of this challenge also got a sneak-peek into my work, which I shared during my Sunday weekly check-ins. Yes, the purpose was to learn from each other and continue to send out good vibes and inspiration! 6. Lastly, every participant of this challenge had to earn their way in! Consistency is key, and it is bound to be well-rewarded in the end too. Yes, the winner takes home prizes worth 25k!

So, What Do You Usually Need for Such Challenges, You Wonder? 1. Well, Interest tops the list! This was the criteria for this challenge and stands to be one for all the upcoming ones too. You need an interest in fashion and most of all, in learning! If you’re a beginner? It’s absolutely fine! We all started from zero at some point, right? This is your chance to get from zero to 5. This is your chance to learn something new. And, who knows you’ll end up discovering your true calling through this? 2. A social media account to showcase your work So, this challenge required you to put up your work on social media and tag me and Designer Shala. That’s how I’ll know how well you guys are doing, right? And, this is also a usual requirement for my other challenges, including the upcoming ones. “But, what if I don’t have a social media account?” I get you. The idea of creating a social media account can be uncomfortable for some. But hey, I believe it doesn’t have to a daunting thing to do if it means you’ll use it to learn and stimulate your creativity, right? Not to mention, the end results! In this case, the prizes worth 25,000.

Reasons You Need to Subscribe to Stay in the Know for Future Challenges 1. This could be a breakthrough in career realizations Consider this a stepping stone in your journey of CONSISTENTLY SHOWING UP EVERY SINGLE DAY for your dreams and being held accountable for it. If a career in fashion is what you’ve envisioned for yourself, this is YOUR CHANCE to see if this career is meant for you and what lies ahead. By subscribing to Designer Shala, you’ll be regularly notified of such future challenges, workshops, and courses that could be the breakthrough in your career. In the sense, you’ll soon know if this is meant for you or not and if it is then what exact path do you wish to go on. 2. Meeting and learning from your kind of tribe How many times have you complained of people not understanding your dreams and your passion for a career in fashion? How many times have you felt that you don’t have friends or people around you who have similar interests like you? This is an opportunity for you to find your tribe and working side by side with them. I am talking design thinkers, aspirants and enthusiasts. People from even across the country have participated in this challenge! So, you can expect the same from our future challenges too. This is the place where you finally get to find your tribe! So, what’s your excuse for not subscribing yet? 3. This is your chance to optimize your creativity and passion The popular idea is you can’t learn fashion designing without committing to an expensive fashion institute. Oh, but what if I told you that you can? The skill of art, designing and fashion is not in textbooks but in your creativity and willingness to learn. And, trust me, anyone can let their inner creative flourish with the right guidance. I give just that in these 30 days and all the upcoming opportunities! Closing Words by Your Designer Didi I had gone above and beyond to ensure that we have a lot of fun and learn along with it in this challenge! And, I can guarantee the same for the future as well. I’ve always believed in sharing knowledge and I still stand by it, whether you are a part of my academy or not. My job here is to serve you in my best capacity and this challenge is made for you irrespective of whether you are studying fashion or not. This is for you if you want to be in fashion. I need you to be with me in making learning and earning in fashion affordable and accessible beyond the wealthy. So, are you with me and ready to take that value back home? See you in my workshops and courses! Don’t forget to subscribe.

With Love, Shivangi aka Designer Didi

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