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Career After Fashion Business Management

An interest in fashion and strong acumen in business may have reeled you in to pursue a fashion business management course. You must have done your research, applied to a reputable fashion school, and bagged your degree in fashion business management. But, now what? What is the next step for you after adding that feather to your hat?

If you’re someone who has the above questions in mind and are wondering what your career will look like after fashion business management, then this one's for you. From attaining clarity on what the ideal next step for you is to giving you an overview of what your professional life would look like now, we’ve got you covered here. Ready to explore your options below?

Scope of a Career in Fashion Business Management

Fortunately, fashion is that one industry that can never run stale and can never really have downtime. It’s perpetually up and running, deriving fresher trends season on season and year on year. In many ways, it is an expression of the world's happenings and also a muse for other industries. All in all, fashion never stops, and one reason behind that is its strong, sustainable, and smart marketing and business tactics.

All we see on the surface is glamour, new styles, and the evergreen confident facade of the fashion industry. But, there is a whole network of fashion experts who work behind the scenes to make this happen and guarantee zero glitches in the main functions of fashion. Professionals like fashion marketers, managers, stylists, buyers, etc., are some of the many experts that keep the show running smoothly and consistently. Now, this is no cakewalk, which is exactly why the need for fashion business management is so crucial in fashion, in turn, widening the scope of the career.

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So, if you’re someone who has just bagged a degree in fashion business management then here is your cue for your next professional step. By understanding what scope you have available before you now, you can make a wise choice and begin applying for any one of these positions. If confusion or doubts arise in your mind, then there’s one way to find out whether you’re fit for that particular job or not—internships.

We know, we know. You may have interned before, but if you’re still not sure of what specific area you want to head into, then it’s smart to test the waters first before you come to a decision. Nevertheless, here are the many career options you have after a certificate in fashion business management.

1.Fashion Product Manager

As a fashion product manager, you’ll be involved in the conceptualization and creation of a fashion product. This will take your research skills, market know-how, and a thorough study of who your customer is and what they need and want. Using this knowledge, you are engaged in the complete development of a product for a fashion brand/label.

2.Fashion Marketer

The designs may be on point, but if they aren’t marketed well to the target audience then they may fail to sell at all. This is where a fashion marketer comes into play. This is a profession that involves strategizing marketing ideas that can help a brand compete with the market and their strategies, in turn, leading to higher sales.

3.Fashion Business Advisor

A fashion business advisor does exactly what their position sounds like. They offer relevant business suggestions to brands that can help them scale up with the right strategies and in the right direction. Their expertise helps brands optimize their full potential to promote their products, curate new ones, and build a stellar brand presence.

4.Fashion Entrepreneur

If you’ve got the right amount of commitment, dedication, and undying spirit, along with the necessary passion and fashion skills, then this could be for you. A fashion entrepreneur is someone who takes their fashion skills and expertise and turns it into a business. This could be a fashion label, a digital magazine, an accessory brand, or just about any kind of fashion business that drives you.

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5. Fashion Social Media Marketer

Marketing and social media marketing may be overlapping but they are still separate jobs. While the former may include any or every area of advertising online and offline, the latter focuses solely on social media marketing. This means that you have to be toe-to-toe with every social media trend and the workings of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook. Creating strategies, campaigns, and content for fashion brands and businesses is the prime scope of work for you as a fashion social media marketer.

6. Fashion Brand Manager

A fashion brand manager is someone who helps set the tone of the brand for consumers and the market. As a professional in this domain, you’ll be responsible for the analysis of the market and then studying consumer behaviour. With this, you’ll be required to curate campaigns and strategies that can help target that market and consumers for better sales. In other words, as a fashion brand manager, you are responsible for the brand tone of a fashion house.

7. Fashion Buyer

A fashion buyer is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the inventory of a fashion brand. They make sure that the stock they bring in for a brand not only fits its aesthetics but also fits the market needs and trends. A fashion buyer is required to be updated with the market trends and the best of suppliers, all to leverage one goal, which is to maximize the brand’s sales at a given time.

8. Retail Manager

A retail manager is someone who makes sure the store and all its departments run seamlessly and without any disruptions. They manage the store, staff, stock, and other aspects of the business that need to be aligned for it to function and sustain. Moreover, they also help curate strategies for brand promotion and marketing on various mediums to leverage the brand presence and, in turn, the sales.

9. Fashion Merchandising

As a fashion merchandiser, you’ll be in charge of a range of things at a retail store. Besides planning and managing the stock and sales, you may also be involved in marketing and strategizing the next brand move, deciding the price points, and other considerations. Merchandising is what you call a blend of your interest in fashion and a knack for all things business.

10. Fashion Publicist

A fashion publicist is someone who helps give a fashion brand the media exposure it needs. Here, one needs to have the right industry and media connections along with the right know-how of marketing tactics. With these skills, they can help put a fashion brand out there through the right media presence and tools.

While these are just some of the most common careers after fashion business management, the world of fashion is endless and has a broad scope of success. Here, with the right skill sets, knowledge, and experience, you can tread in any direction as you please.


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