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Career as a Celebrity Stylist

Who doesn’t love scrolling through celebrity airport looks on Instagram or admiring the most unique Met Gala outfits in their favourite entertainment-based newspaper? We all do, right? Whether we may be interested in fashion or not, somehow seeing our celebrities dressed to nines at all times happens to inspire us. But, these unique looks and styles aren’t put together by our celebrities every time. Most of their looks today are created by top celebrity stylists who know the world of fashion and are aware of the latest trends. From selecting the right combination of colours to finalizing every little detail in the celebrity’s look, stylists ensure that the ensemble is perfect to create headlines.

The need for stylists today has become more crucial than ever. With the media professionals constantly keeping a watch on the famous celebs, influencers, political leaders, and top business owners, it’s important to ensure that you aren’t getting clicked in an outfit you’d regret seeing in a newspaper or digital magazine. That’s why every popular personality today has a celebrity stylist who understands what would suit them the best. Celebrity styling not only exposes stylists to the exciting world of fashion and entertainment but also ensures an equally exciting income.

If you are inclined towards fashion and styling and are wondering what your career as a celebrity stylist would be like, read on to understand what this industry involves and how you could become the next big celeb stylist.

Who Exactly Is A Celebrity Stylist?

When it comes to styling, there are many parts to it such as fashion, celebrity, hair and makeup, and catalogue. However, in celebrity styling, there are only two major categories; one is a personal stylist who decodes your signature style, and then there is a catalogue stylist who creates aesthetics for magazine shoots and advertisements. These kinds of stylists are often known as fashion directors. While both these categories are related to styling, their work profiles differ to a great extent.

If you choose to be a personal celebrity stylist, you have to work in coordination with the hair, makeup, and catalogue stylists to ensure that the final look is on point. Here, the entire look is conceptualized by you after which, the other stylists are required to be guided by you to achieve that vision.


What Does It Take To Be One?

Do you live and breathe the celebrity fashion world? Are you extremely passionate about styling and can’t stop posting your freshly curated looks on social media? Then you already have what it takes to be a celebrity fashion stylist. The first thing you need before building your professional skills in this field is an undying passion for styling. After that, the next thing on the list is having an eye for details. Just by looking at a certain outfit, you should be able to tell what would go best with it or what should be eliminated to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

Passion, talent, creativity, and an appealing sense of style are all the essential traits that will help you become the celebrity stylist you always dreamed to be. However, if you want to ensure your smooth sailing in this dynamic and fast-evolving field, here is a list of skills you should try and build on.

- Excellent communication skills

- Familiarity with the current styles, brands, fashion shows, and labels

- Bold and experimentative sense of style

- Understanding of different physiques

- The ability to multitask efficiently

- Essential skills in self-marketing

- Reliable work ethics

Get Started On Your Journey

Being a celebrity stylist is no piece of cake. As exciting as it sounds, just like every other profession, it also has its share of challenges. Getting your first big break, hunting down a range of pieces that would come together, staying updated with trends, putting together an iconic look, working late for events and shoots, and constant ideation. These are just some of the job tasks of a celebrity stylist that may or may not be challenging. However, if you’re passionate about your work, these challenges may seem quite exciting and you would be able to ace them all. Whenever you do happen to face setbacks, try not to lose hope. Keep networking and building contacts in this field; this will sooner or later help you in some way.

Source: StyleCaster

Here are some ways you can enter into this field and reach great heights.

Curating your unique style: As a stylist, it’s important to stay versatile but have your signature style at the same time. Your signature style will then become you unique selling point, and celebrities who prefer the same style you’re good at would want to approach you to become their stylist.

Earn a degree in fashion design: To start in this field, you need to be we acquainted with different designs, fashion trends, and looks and styles. An intensive practical knowledge-based course in fashion designing can help you get the skills you need.

Take up internships in your learning phase: While you’re in your learning phase, try to build your professional skills as well, get enough exposure through experience, and make contacts. The best way to get all of these is through an internship. Consider doing an internship during your course to pace up your career pathway.

Market your skills on social media platforms: Promoting your skills on social media or other digital platforms not only helps you showcase your work to a huge audience but also enables you to build your client base.

Keep updating your portfolio at all times: Maintain a professional portfolio that has all of your best works and creative concepts. It is not only easier to share that with your potential clients but also it makes your first impression a lasting one.

There are many universities today in India and abroad that offer fashion styling courses. If you don’t want to get a regular fashion design degree, you can browse from a range of fashion styling courses that interest you the most. Relevant courses coupled with enough experience can equip you with all that you need to kick start your career in celebrity styling for a successful future.

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