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Career as a Fashion Content Writer

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Out of the many unusual but rewarding careers that the fashion industry has in store for you, one is also the role of fashion content writer. Yes, this involves writing, but there is a fair difference between that and fashion journalism. Well, a fashion content writer is someone who pens down fashion-related content across various verticals, forms, and genres. This writer produces and curates content for marketing, education, or entertainment. Today, with the digitalization of the world and its resources, the scope of work and need of a fashion content writer is only increasing.

Let’s see what exactly a fashion content writer does.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Fashion Content Writer

We know that a fashion content writer uses their writing skills and knowledge of fashion and designing to produce relevant content. But, their role doesn’t start or end here. Research and ideating go hand in hand with writing and this applies to fashion too. Due to the fickle and ever-changing nature of the industry, a fashion content writer needs to remain updated with the trends and changes.

Depending on the exact kind of writing, form, medium, and other factors, you may have to invest varying time and effort. Say, a fashion magazine that talks about fashion trends and news may require more time and effort in research than a fashion brand’s product description. Nevertheless, what’s common in all kinds of verticals under fashion writing is this. You need to be equipped with equal creativity, fashion knowledge, research skills, and a mix of content strategy and planning. As your role of a fashion content writer, your responsibilities extend to the above skills too, more than just writing.

Scope in the Industry

Every industry has always needed and relied on the right content support to thrive and communicate with their audiences. The fashion industry too is dependent on content for all its communication needs. Now, there are these four primary reasons why the world of fashion may need content solutions.

  • They want to sell

Fashion houses, brands, schools, and academies that want to sell their products belong in this category. Here, all their forms of communication are focused on marketing, promoting, and thereby, selling their services. Whether it is fashion apparel, a course, a book, or any other fashion product, the purpose may be to sell them.

Now, this requires a written form of communication too, where a fashion and designing content writer comes into the picture. Here, you may have to write content for websites, product descriptions, emailers, social media, collaterals, and other mediums that are meant to market something.

  • They want to educate

Fashion schools, fashion designing academies, magazines, websites, and influencers belong in this category. Here, the primary purpose of their content may be to educate their audiences. The above entities may use various digital and offline platforms to teach and impart fashion-related knowledge to their customers.

Fashion design Course books, blogs, articles, and other content that is research-based and full of gems of knowledge are meant to educate the audience. So here, a fashion content writer takes that approach to cater to the main purpose of the content.

  • They want to entertain

Fashion magazines, blogs, websites, influencers, and entertainment media also belong to this category, where their content’s purpose is also to entertain. Magazines, offline and digital both need to churn out content regularly, and so do fashion influencers, blogs, and other media platforms. So, they make use of a fashion content writer to research, strategize, and of course, write content that is entertaining and engaging.

Although a fashion writer mainly writes to fulfil these three purposes, these may also overlap or be pursued together at the same time too. Say, a fashion brand may use educational and engaging content to reach their end goal of marketing and hence, sell their services or products. Similarly, a magazine may educate the audience but do so by wanting to entertain them first, to get better traction and visibility.

What it Takes:

There are some skills that you may be born with. Creative skills like writing, painting, dancing are some things that you are born with and then you grow up to hone those skills. Now, if you are someone who is born with exceptional writing skills and then also harboured love and interest in fashion, you may be inclining towards fashion and design content writing. However, it is important to know that just a simple combination of writing and an eye for fashion is not enough to succeed in this profession. It takes a lot more than that. It takes relevant education, skills that are beyond writing like research, practice, and of course, experience.


Although a concrete qualification in writing or fashion writing may or may not be required to be a fashion content writer, it certainly is an add-on. A bachelors or masters in mass media, communication, or literature is usually a criterion for a first internship/job as a fashion writer. Moreover, having an educational background in fashion is considered to be a criterion too. A full-time or a part-time course, a diploma, or a comprehensive online course can be extremely beneficial when it comes to polishing your expertise in fashion and design writing.

Besides these, there are also many workshops and courses that offer in-depth knowledge of fashion writing. Many individuals study fashion and over time, realize they want to pursue writing. So, they already know their fashion and then they take up a writing course too, to kickstart their career in fashion and design writing. However, let’s not forget other resources that can serve as your educational resources for this profession. Books, podcasts, videos, and magazines can be very informative and helpful too. Read and learn about your areas of work and expertise and hone your existing skills or develop new ones.


No, we’re not talking again about how you need to be equipped with writing skills. Here, we are going to touch upon the additional skills that you need to be a successful fashion writer. As spoken about before, writing skills, creativity, and an eye for fashion designing are not enough. You also need to be adept in research, strategy, audience psychology, and in some cases, interview skills. Research is a big part of your career as a fashion content writer. Everything you pen down, whether it is a website copy, a brochure, product description, or a fashion collection review or article. You need to deep dive into the subject and derive all the information that you need to write in-depth, fulfilling, and relevant content.


Work experience is also education. We believe that it is equally or even more important than education in this field. As a fashion content writer, your best education is your experience working, practising, and learning under someone. By putting yourself out there and working in an internship or job, you are exposing yourself to the real world. Now, this is where you learn what you don’t in any formal education. This is where you learn how to work with others in the profession, how to negotiate, discuss, and present your ideas, and how to make connections that help you grow. More than anything, this is where you learn how to take feedback and criticism, take it in the right spirit, and let them allow growth and learning.

How to Get Started:

The above information pretty much sums it all up for you, showing you a direction if you want to pursue fashion content writing. But, here’s a quick rundown and a clear path for you to take.

First things first, identify your niche

Explore the many options available to you and identify which domain exactly you want to indulge in. Is it fashion magazines that interest you or a particular fashion designer or brand? Do you enjoy writing feature articles or product reviews and marketing copy? Read on them, maybe try them out, and come down to what interests you.

Pursue a course and feed your brain

Enrol yourself for a diploma or an online course on fashion and designing or writing, or even better, fashion writing. Don’t forget to buy books, watch videos, and read more and more on the subject.

Build a portfolio

Practice it. Write articles, copy, or just a review of the recent fashion collection, and compile it all into a portfolio. This is not a necessary step but it certainly helps leverage your chances of getting started on a good note.

Apply for an internship

And, here is your final step that should never be skipped. Get your resume, portfolio, and a well-written cover letter together and shortlist names of companies/brands that you want to write for, and start shooting emails.

The Final Takeaway

Before you get into anything, it is very important to self-assess to identify if that aspiration is a momentary one or a sustainable one. The key here would be to take your time identifying the above and then pursuing it with a full heart.

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May 11, 2021

Thank you so....... so much it is very easy now.

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Ruhani Singh
Ruhani Singh
May 10, 2021

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