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Career as a Fashion Influencer

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Today, the digital world is an open oyster for all kinds of industries, especially the fashion industry. Synonymous with glamour, creativity, and most of all, a visual appeal, the fashion industry is one that never stops. It never stops and never fails to impress, inspire, and influence. That’s the power a fashion influencer holds. So, the massive digitization in the global world, including the expanding scope for creative work and careers, is only a push for fashion. Today, a career in fashion is not only restricted to a few options like designing or merchandising. There has been a massive shift in the industry in terms of flexibility and open-mindedness to a whole new world of careers and opportunities.

Source: Mike Von on Unsplash When this shift came about in the 21st century, we were all introduced to a horde of options that otherwise were considered as hobbies. Fashion styling, fashion journalism, fashion writing, and fashion publicists are just a few to name. And, of course, fashion influencers! This is also one career path that was once close to being non-existent. It was only after the social media app, Instagram was launched and it became a necessity on everyone’s phones that this career ideally came into being.

Initially, it was simply a platform for experimentation. It was new for everyone and no one could have gauged that it would reach this point of growth. Today, the app is a place for business as much as it is for entertainment. It is the bread and butter for many brands and a source of income for millions. It is also a place of work for fashion influencers. This is where they thrive, engage, grow, and influence. That’s what they make a career out of. However, there are quite a lot of myths and misconceptions as to who exactly is a fashion influencer and what one does. Read on to know. Who Exactly is a Fashion Influencer?

Today, the terms fashion blogger and fashion influencer are almost used interchangeably. But, the two are largely different and come with their set of distinguishing qualities. While a fashion blogger is someone who blogs/writes on fashion, a fashion influencer is someone who holds a position of influence over their audience. A fashion blogger may not exactly be an influencer but an influencer can be a blogger. To lend you more clarity, a fashion blogger is someone who attempts to educate people on various subjects under fashion. Someone who is qualified to do so and wants to impart their fashion knowledge to the world. On the other hand, a fashion influencer is someone who is a public figure of sorts, known for their fashion sense, personality, style tips, and of course, the influence they have over their audience.

So, to reiterate, a fashion influencer is anyone who is popular to any degree, for their personality, style, and fashion sensibilities. It is anyone whose style and fashion tips people love, follow, and seek inspiration from. Fashion influencers, with their own base of fans, their niche, and distinct USPs, have the power to influence the purchasing decisions of their audience. This is also largely associated with the loyalty and trust of the audience on influencers, their intentions, and their fashion knowledge. They have their own unique voice, which they use to compel people into making their shopping decisions, leading to their marketing technique–influencer marketing. So ideally, a fashion influencer does exactly what the name suggests–influences the fashion decisions of their audience.

Source: Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

What it Takes to Become a Fashion Influencer

Firstly, it is not an overnight trick. Just like with a business, this career is also meant to be slow-cooked to reap the best taste in the end. Although many people dream about having a career as a fashion influencer today, it is not that easy of a career to attain. But, if you aspire to be one, we don’t blame you. The career comes with an umpteenth number of perks but that does take a lot of work too. All the glamour, free goodies, fan following, and the picture-perfect life that you see on social media comes with a lot of hustle and countless adjustments in one’s personal life.

More so, because once you have a life online, one that makes for a large and major part of your overall life, the lines between that and your real-life may blur. And, that is exactly what makes the job of a fashion influencer tough. Moreover, the need for consistency and constantly showing up with the right content and piece of information for your audience. All in all, it takes a lot more than what you’d expect for a fashion influencer. Here is a quick rundown of all that one needs to pursue a career as a fashion influencer. 1. An Education in Fashion

This may or may not be the most essential step towards pursuing the dream of being a fashion influencer, but this is definitely an add-on. Consider this step as a sure-fire way to exude better confidence, impart better knowledge, and inspire a better fashion style. How, you wonder? Well, learning through indirect modes like networking, working in the professional industry, and reading are definitely helpful. But, learning the technicalities and details in fashion under an expert is most likely going to boost your career as a fashion influencer and add credibility to your fashion knowledge. It certainly serves as a cherry on top of the cake here. 2. Commitment and Consistency

Showing up and creating a presence on social media is naturally a given if you’re trying to attain this influencer dream. But, simply being active and posting inspiring fashion content is not the way to go. If you’re doing so, there has to be a sense of dedication to this dream and the path you’ve chosen. More than that, there has to be consistency here. Especially, if you’re trying to build a base and just starting out, regular content and uniformity to that is a must. Your commitment to that job should exude through your work; that’s what reels in followers who are inspired by your consistency and dedication.

Source : Mateus Campos Felipe 3. A Business Approach

Here’s the deal. Most people make the mistake of pursuing this path as a hobby or something that can be done with simple and common resources like presentable clothes, a good camera, a photogenic face, and time on their hands. But, no. The moment you consider this as just a hobby, it ends right there for you. You got to approach it as you would a business–with commitment, dedication, planning, carving out actionable goals, creating a marketing plan, and lastly, investment.

4. Connections and Networking

This one goes without saying. Since the success and work of an influencer also revolve around their connections, networking skills are a must. Take the initiative to attend events, offer and volunteer to do free promotions for brands and events, and mindfully widen your network. Your career as a fashion influencer largely depends on the amount of exposure you can get. So building beneficial connections and networking is the way to go and unlock your potential to grow. 5. A Unique Personal Style

Here’s a bitter pill to swallow! There are probably millions of people out there on these platforms who are striving to become an influencer, but not all of them succeed and find that rare space for themselves in the industry. It’s because they have a good style and camera-friendly tactics but they lack that uniqueness. Finding your niche, narrowing it down to a USP, and highlighting that personal style is what works here. Every individual is different and comes with different personalities and styles. This is your chance to explore and find that very specific style that reflects YOU and your uniqueness. 6. A Knack for Multitasking

As a fashion influencer, you sometimes have to be the jack of all trades–handling not only the responsibility of being the face of your own brand but also handling all the backend; sometimes even the styling, makeup, editing, content curation, photography, scripting, and more. To conclude, just like with any other career, this too requires a good amount of hustle and patience from your end.

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