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Career as a Fashion Marketer

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

As a fashion enthusiast, you are constantly armed with the news and happenings in this industry, right from the fashion shows and trends to the new designer collections, events, and more. But, ever wondered how you get your hands on all of these updates on a real-time basis, right from the comfort of your home? Yes, that’s all the magic of fashion marketing.

It’s a combination of hard work, strategy, creativity, brainstorming, and of course, business tactics that help you access all the fashion know-how and news, right at the tip of your fingertips. In other words, it is nothing but strong marketing done right. And, it certainly isn’t a piece of cake. Just like other career paths in fashion, this one too takes an army!

Moreover, it is just as reputable and lucrative of a fashion career as the traditional ones like fashion designing. In fact, in this era, the field of marketing is booming more than ever before. Thanks to digitalization and its many boons. In the coming times, the space for this career is only set to expand! So, What is Fashion Marketing?

You probably have a vague idea of what exactly fashion marketing is, but here is the full picture. Well, in simple terms, fashion marketing refers to promoting and endorsing fashion to its audience. However, the job takes a lot more than just that and it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fashion marketing is basically where your interest and knowledge for fashion meets your business acumen. It is where you apply your business knowledge to marketing a fashion brand/business/personality with the right tricks.

Source: De Montfort University

All the fashion brands, designers, personalities, magazines, and other enterprises in the industry–all of them have their very own fashion marketer or a team. And, that’s how their news, updates, launches, and other pieces reach you in a way that appeals to you. Say, you see a garment on your social media feed that fits and matches your fashion sense and preferences. You like it and you end up buying it.

Now, this is not a coincidence. That ad ended up on your feed for a reason because you come under a category of that brand’s target audience. Yes, yes, it takes an in-depth study of the fashion business’s target audience, what they do, what they like, and other aspects. And yes, it is a whole long process and not an amateur’s trick.

So, this was just an example of how fashion marketing works in the digital domain for one. In retrospect, it is a combination of a lot of things–understanding the current trends and requirements of the market, understanding who your target audience is, understanding how to reach them with the right campaigns and strategies, and more.

What Does a Fashion Marketer Do?

We’re positive that you have a fair idea of what fashion marketing is and what a professional does here. But, here’s us giving you a clearer and more concrete picture of the same. Before we dive into it, it is important to note that not all of these jobs are done by each and every fashion marketer out there. There are different kinds of professionals who offer different services, which may or may not include all of these.

Here are the job duties of a fashion marketer:

- Identifying the brand/business’s ideal target audience and understanding their fashion needs, preferences, budgets and other factors that may determine their purchase.

- Forecasting, tracking and introducing trends for the brand in terms of colours, styles, fabrics, and packaging in accord with the current market and other determining factors.

- Predicting sales based on the existing fashion trend cycle, season, and marketing campaigns.

- Conceptualizing new products and their price points, distribution, promotion tactics, and other marketing aspects.

- Curating ideal marketing campaigns, content and promotional activities to target the right audience and convert leads into buyers.

- Curating and planning shopping experiences that are seamless and match the aesthetics and values of the brand you’re marketing.

- Setting the tone of the brand, developing its image, and helping infuse that into all its marketing mediums, offline and online.

- Analysing and studying market reports, and altering marketing campaigns and strategies accordingly.

- Conceptualizing and helping with the execution of photoshoots, fashion collections, and products.

- Maintaining a budget for marketing expenditures and allocating it in terms of priority and plans.

- Setting the tone for communication and content across all mediums and also communicating with clients on behalf of the fashion business.

Source: Raffles College of Higher Education

What Does it Take?

Of course, it takes a thorough understanding and knowledge of the marketing and fashion industry, which does come with studying the subject. But, besides formal, informal education and studying fashion designing courses online, becoming a fashion marketer takes certain skills that become actual assets in this case. Here they are:

- Business Acumen

It takes a business approach and understanding to curate the right campaigns, analyse reports, and alter sales plans accordingly. Consider business acumen as the prime ingredient for a successful fashion marketing career.

- Fashion Knack

Now, this is a given. If you’re a fashion marketer, you got to be well-equipped with the basics of the fashion industry. Knowledge of past trends, the ability to predict future ones, and an overall knack for all things fashion is definitely essential!

- Digital Creativity

What runs the world in 2021? Well, the plain and simple answer is the internet. In this digital-run world, online marketing is not only a great option but a necessity. So, being adept in digital skills and creativity is a must! Many fashion designing courses online also help build and strengthen your creative skills.

- Curiosity

A creative mind is a curious mind! Only when you approach your work with an open mind and curiosity, will you be able to find and welcome innovative ideas and improved tricks. Moreover, as a fashion professional, you must be hungry for fashion-related information, knowledge, and news to be able to stay updated with this ever-changing industry.

- Communication Skills

Whether it is written or spoken communication, as a marketer you ought to be at the top of your game. Why, you ask? Well, if you cannot articulate your ideas, campaigns, strategies, and opinions in an impactful and effective way, your marketing skills almost go futile. So, one must not only be fluent in the industry language but must also have their way around communication hacks that are gripping and get the work done.

- Leadership Skills

As a marketer, you may or may not have a team under you, whom you have to guide and monitor. So, qualities like leadership and organizational skills come in handy when it comes to managing work, a team, running campaigns, etc.

How to Get Started

We’re assuming that the scope of work of a fashion marketer sounds absolutely appealing to you. And, you’re probably all set and ready to head in this direction. But, how so? Here’s your cue!

- Identify Your Niche

Yes, you know that you want to pursue fashion marketing, but you have to narrow it down to specific fashion domains. Do you fancy a fast fashion brand or a luxury trousseau brand? Do you take interest in publications or fashion houses? Study them, introspect, intern, and eventually find your exact niche.

- A Certificate in Fashion Marketing

Once you’ve identified your niche, you can head on to pursuing a course in fashion marketing that will further equip you with the basics, along with a certificate. You can find many fashion designing courses online that also offer certification in your preferred niche. This may help you get better job/internship opportunities along with networking opportunities.

- Intern and Gain Experience

Gaining experience before you establish yourself as a full-fledged fashion marketer is absolutely essential! So, make sure you pursue a few internships to gain hands-on professional experience, where you polish your skills and knowledge further.

Now that you know what fashion marketing is all about, you can go ahead and make an informed decision about the same. Good luck!

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