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Checklist Before Studying Fashion Abroad

Going for your further studies abroad is an exciting as well as a daunting event. And, if your chosen field happens to be fashion, then you’ve got to be extra careful with your preparations. Make sure to create a checklist of things you’ll need in order to have everything in one place. For once you’ve arrived at your new destination, getting any essentials from your home would be a long process.

Studying fashion abroad is like entering a new phase of your life all on your own. As young children, we live in a protected environment where our needs are always looked after by our parents. But once you are in a new country, you’ve got to be independent and in charge of your own needs. While this may sound scary, independence has its own perks. You get to live the way you want and follow the kind of lifestyle that's comfortable for you. Studying fashion abroad not only gives a boost to your career but also makes you responsible and mature. So while you may be scared to enter this new phase, it’s best to look at the bright side and move forward.

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If you want your move to be as smooth as possible, research well on the country you’re going to, the weather out there, and their local dressing style. You may be a newcomer in the country you’re going to, but you’re still a fashion student. The quickest way to create a stunning impression would be by dressing your absolute best. Other than your regular luggage with clothes and other essentials, you’ll also need to carry your portfolio, important documents, and much more.

Here’s a list of things you’re going to need while pursuing studying fashion abroad.

Fashionable ensembles suitable for the weather

Whether you're moving to a cold region or a warm one, whether you'd be staying in a mountainous area or near the coastline, you can stay fashionable regardless of the external conditions. Before moving into your new country, find out all about the weather conditions and various dressing styles that people follow out there. Check out fashion bloggers’ profiles specific to the city that you'd be staying in, to keep your fashion game on point.

Accessories to jazz up your look

After you're done selecting the clothes you'd be taking with you to your new country, it's time to pick out the perfect accessories. Based on the weather and your selected outfits you can choose to carry mufflers, leather boots or socks. If you're moving to a coastal area with plenty of beaches, you could carry a wide range of stylish jewelry pieces, sandals and caps.

A file comprising of all the important documents you’ll need

Documents are the most important part of any study abroad checklist. Ensure that you have an entire file comprising all the documents you'd be asked to show in the new country. As an international student, it's extremely essential to keep identity-based documents along with your student visa quite handy. Carry enough attested copies of all the documents that you might need to submit at the college itself.

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Your inseparable fashion paraphernalia

Sketching is the most important part of fashion designing. Before you chose fashion as your career pathway, you probably would have created many such sketches. You must be used to certain kinds of colours, pencils, scales, sheets, tracing paper, etc. Now, while these fashion design essentials would be available in every country, it would take you time to find your preferred items packed in different brands. So, to get started with your fashion design assignment, carrying your essentials from home would be quite helpful.

A set of safety and hygiene tools

The pandemic is still prevalent in many parts of the world. As a travel mandatory, you're supposed to keep your mask on at all times. Make sure to carry a set of face masks you find comfortable, along with sanitizers and other essential hygiene products. Also, create a first aid kit with medications for different concerns. In a new country, with a completely new lifestyle, these medications would come to your rescue at any time.

Tech essentials along with safety covers

While some tech brands are synonymous with every country, some are not. To stay on the safer side, it's best to carry all your technological products like headphones, Bluetooth speakers, adapters, chargers, laptops, tablets and anything else that can come to use for your fashion study, assignments, and other work. Make sure to store them all safely in their protective covers in order to avoid any damage. Finding a service centre in your initial days would not only be tough but also the lack of essential technological tools could cause a delay in your assignments.

Toiletries and other personal care essentials

We're sure that there must be certain bathroom essentials you just can't do without. Like your favourite cologne scented shower gel, your toothbrush, or your razor. Most of these toiletries and personal care essentials would be available in your new country as well, but you might want to hold on to your favourite variants just a bit longer. So, make sure to pack them as well if you don't want to switch to new products instantly.

Converted currency and important cards

Money is something you'll need more than ever during your shift. There will be plenty of expenses for your new requirements. That's why it's important to ensure a steady cash flow for that particular phase. Convert a large sum of money before you reach your new country; you definitely don't want to be running around looking for the relevant currency.

Studying fashion abroad may initially seem like a lot of work, but once you’re all settled, it’s going to be a smooth sail thereon. When you’ve just arrived, you’ll need a lot of converted cash to get you through your daily needs before you figure out the conversion sources in your new country. Make sure to research the conversion rates and ask around for the best deal.

As an international student, you're bound to feel a bit lonely sometimes, especially on special occasions when you’re far away from home and craving company. Fret not, it’s a common phase that every student goes through at some point in time. Try to be a part of as many social events as you can and participate actively in college festivals as well as competitions. This will not only give you enough exposure and a networking base but also allow you to create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.


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