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How To Avoid Getting Intimidated by Others in The Design Field

Daily, we meet hundreds of new people, from our neighbourhood to the grocery store to the educational institution we attend or the workplace. When working in the design field, we come across various and very unique talents that are implicit in explaining how beautiful they are. Having a sense that they are in the same field as us can be frightening at times. You might wonder why I'm feeling this way. Why do I act in ways that are inconsistent with who I am when surrounded by them? How can I be myself? And many more, so keep calm and let me assist you.

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What is being intimidated?

Thousands of emotions flow through your soul but nothing comes out in the form of words; you try but still find it difficult to gather courage in you while being in a company due to their excellence or exaggeration of it, leaving you in a quandary; this is the feeling of being intimidated. To put it simply, feeling inferior to someone because you believe the other person is superior, or if the other person willingly makes themselves appear superior, is being intimidated. You would have realized that there are two reasons why you would feel this way; the first is through your internal thoughts, and the second is through external forces. Both have negative consequences, and being intimidated, especially in the design field, can bind your unique self and limit your creativity.

The way to deal with intimidating people

We frequently come across people who willingly make the other person feel bad about themselves to demonstrate to others the power they possess. If you are on the receiving end and have a lot to say but are unable to do so because you are waiting for others to stand up for you, I would advise you to change your perspective. Rather than fighting a battle in your head, look the intimidator in the eye and confront them. I know it's easy to say, but it's a learning process; you need to take small steps until you're confident enough to speak for yourself. While confronting, be yourself and recognize that different people have different areas of expertise; comparing and undermining yourself does not serve you well. Maintain a good posture that conveys your confidence. Finally, if none of the above works for you, practice what you want to say to your loved ones before confronting them.

Stop undervaluing yourself

We must value ourselves. Rather than bewailing our shortcomings, we should concentrate on our strengths. You can work on improving them daily but crying about it will not help. Your design college peers, friends, or even a stranger may draw and paint something amazing that will make you feel a little low. Throw that thought out of your head and appreciate it; as I previously stated, embrace yourself and step forward to be as good as you are. It is fine if you are great at sewing, embroidery, painting, or knitting but not at something else. At the end of the day, recognize that there is time to learn, but stopping yourself from expressing and speaking will only have negative consequences.

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Understand their journey

Whether it be design or another ability, no one, including you and your intimidators, would not have learned everything in a single day. The heights they have attained today have been obscured by several challenges, practices, and failures that you are unaware of; try comprehending their path before comparing it to yours. Everyone has a different pace to catch up on; simply put, it is a marathon to participate in rather than a race to win. Learning about other people's journeys will not only enlighten you but will also spark a dialogue in which you can be yourself with each other. You will find yourself relating to the other in a variety of ways and learn about the differences; this will help you respect yourself and the other without feeling intimidated.

Put aside your ego

You may frequently believe that the only thing holding you back is fear. It is not the actual thing you believe, but rather the ego. Ego is a notion that encompasses more than simply arrogance. The anxiety here is your ego's attempt to conceal your flaws, which I think should never be hidden. When you begin to realize and accept your shortcomings, your ego crumbles and you begin to love yourself.

Use your imagination to the fullest

Believe me, this is one of the most effective ways to avoid being intimidated; just listen to me out. Consider looking at the person's head rather than their eyes, or imagine them as cartoon characters; after all, you are artists, right? Make use of your imagination! The purpose of these exercises is to make you feel as if you are not directly confronting someone, even though you are.

The digital world of intimidation

Currently, the internet is like an open book for everyone where we come across various genres of working. It also includes the design field, where thousands of people share their love and skills. As a person from the design field, you may come across such flourishing designers/artists. Their skills may surprise you and can cause you a self-question, neglect such thoughts and rather do what needs to be done. Be kind enough and comment or like their posts and let them know that you are their cheerleader. You never know, someday at some time, someone may be your cheerleader as well. Spread positivity always!

Practice and some confidence is all that it takes

Trust the process of your journey; it may be challenging at first, but your small actions will make a difference. Every morning when you wake up, look in the mirror and talk aloud about your strengths as if no one is watching. Greet new people at your design school, industry, or anyplace else in general and try to strike up a conversation with them. Believe that you are friendly and act accordingly, even if you meet the rudest, meanest, or kindest person you have ever met. Appreciate and learn from your peers and competitors and put away the storm within you. Calm your marathon running heartbeats in scary situations by telling yourself how proud you would be to overcome the fear. All it takes, in the end, is for you to be you.

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“In the end, we are all the same, just a body with only our actions and others’ memories to define who we are.” - Sejal Badani

The quote simply puts up the entire case. We are the clay with the same origin and the desire to become a beautiful pot. Our thoughts and actions shape us along the way, but when we start doubting our skills, it's as if we're striving to shatter our clay mold out of fear. There is still time; you can rise again; all you need is the fortitude to buckle up and begin anew. I believe you will turn out to be the pot that you deserve to be.

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