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If you are here, we understand the pressure you must be under but there is always a way to tackle a situation. Choosing a career in design and fashion in particular can sometimes not go well with parents in India but before we begin, we want you to know that your parents always want the best for you which at times might differ from your idea of best.

You must have been asked to pursue engineering, medicine or law at least once in your lifetime but “pursue career in fashion” is a phrase not heard often in Indian households.

Here are some ways which can help you convince your parents to let you study the field of your choice!

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BE SURE – Before pitching your request in front of your parents, it is extremely important for you to be sure of what you want from life. Fashion and design careers can look glamorous from the outside but there is so much more to it. It is easy for a teenage mind to judge a book by its cover and approach things under peer pressure.

Career counselling is the way to go. If you can afford to book a one-on-one counselling session, you should leave no stone unturned in asking questions related to your area of interest from the expert. There are several career counselling sites on the internet that provide this service for free.

YouTube comes to your rescue if you want to answer from different people’s perspectives. There is a plethora of information which can provide you with the facts that you need to decide what is best for you. To make yourself clear first is most important as it can become a bit messy if you change your mind afterwards. 

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DO PROPER RESEARCH – Now you know which field excites you but your work does not end here. There is a wide variety of careers in fashion and design. It is time for you to do your further research in navigating your way. Do your thorough analysis of the different career prospects that fall under the broad spectrum of fashion and design.

Once you know the particular department that suits you the best, you should have details of the process you are supposed to follow in order to reach your desired goal. You should be able to answer everything your parents ask from the entrance exam to the opportunities present in the career you want to pursue.

This will give them a clear picture of your aim that they were not aware of till now. Besides all this, it will also turn out to be proof of your seriousness towards your goal. 

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COMMUNICATE – You have a strong base with yourself and now comes the most critical part that is talking. It can become a little overwhelming to even think about having a grown-up conversation with your parents but communication is the key.

The only way to let them know about your interest is to tell them. As easy as it sounds, the whole conversation can get quite bitter if you do not put your points with utmost kindness. Yes, you read that right! Fashion and design are not the most common careers in India hence there are possibilities of your parents being ignorant of most things due to the lack of awareness.

This is where your strong research comes into play. Pitch your idea humbly and open yourself with the same clarity you would want from them. Start from your feelings and all the thoughts you have been willing to express. State all the accurate information you have collected. Make sure to keep the whole conversation as simple as possible for them to easily understand without any confusion.

After you are done doing your part, it is time for you to listen. Keep your composure throughout and listen carefully to them. Try to understand what they are willing to express. Provide them with all the answers that they have doubts about. The key here is patience and humbleness.

Always maintain that respect but also do not hesitate in putting your ideas, loud and clear. You can always be vocal since it is your career which is at stake but with humbleness which, if not better, will not make anything worse.

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ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN THE WORDS – As much as important it is to be loud and clear about your emotions, you also need figures and facts that would be proof of your dedication. If you are a design or fashion aspirant, you will have tons of opportunities to showcase your talent in the form of your drawing skills or designing skills even before you begin your specialised course.

Social media gives you a platform to showcase your forte for free. Look out for internships that are primarily based on skills or participate in competitions as much as possible. Make the best use of your talent with the resources you have been provided and try to get praiseworthy results.

Represent these awards in front of your parents which will give your pitch a boost. They will recognise your hard work and efforts you put in achieving your desired career. This will also make them evaluate the whole idea with a fresher perspective eventually building their faith in you and opportunities in fashion and design. Not just in convincing your parents, working also helps you in gaining experience in this field which will eventually be fruitful in the long run. 

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TAKE NOTES FROM OTHERS’ EXPERIENCE – There are numerous fashion students who talk about their journey on social media. Carefully notes down their struggles and how it all turned out to be in their favour. Show their life journey to your parents to help them understand the whole process with maximum transparency.

This will also give you along with your parents the sense of relief that your future would have the same amount of opportunities as other career fields. If you know someone personally who is in the same field of your interest, have a conversation with them and if possible, request them to clear your parents' doubts.

We know all of this sounds a little tricky but everything can turn out well if handled sensitively. All you need is a respectful conversation from both parties. 

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TALK TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS YOU – If in case your parents are still dicey about the whole situation and cannot come to a conclusion in your favour, you can take help of someone in your family who you think understands you. Express to them the whole idea exactly the way you did to your parents.

Seek help from them and request them to talk to your parents. Grown ups have more life experience than you so it might be possible for you to miss out on a few things that they can tackle easily. Let them have a mature conversation where they try to convince your parents. 

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TO CONCLUDE – We know all these steps still do not guarantee the outcome you would want to hear but can surely help you get a step ahead towards your dream. Everything can be solved through kindness, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Remember to deal everything with respect but also give your best shot in stating all the facts. Your parents want your future to be secured therefore all they need is correct information about careers in fashion and design. We hope you achieve the career of your choice and make your parents proud!

Blog written by: Riya Singh

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