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THE KARDASHIAN ‘KLAN’ – The Kardashians, also known as the Kardashian-Jenner family need no introduction. The prominent Kardashian family tree starts from the firm root of the clan, Kris Jenner. Kourtney Kardashian followed by Kimberly aka Kim Kardashian then Khloé Kardashian and finally Robert famously known as Rob Kardashian are the four children of Kris Jenner from her first husband Robert Kardashian.

As it is no secret, it does not end here. Kris Jenner has two more daughters, Kendall Jenner followed by Kylie Jenner from the famous olympian Bruce Jenner now worldwide known as Caitlyn Jenner.

All the ‘K’- sisters are tycoons of the fashion industry, business world and media who grew massively famous through their reality television show, ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. From Kourtney to Kylie, the females of this family have grown up around fame for decades. All five sisters are supremely successful and are idolised by the world.

From Kendall becoming the highest paid model to Kylie making to Forbes magazine as the youngest self-made billionaire or Kim being the business icon to Khloé for her revenge body, this tribe has always managed to top the list for their achievements but also for their never-ending controversies. This trendsetter family of millionaires and billionaires in terms of wealth also bags millions of followers on social media.

Thereafter, it is evident that their lifestyle is followed by a multitude of people. They are known for reserving headlines through their clothes, bodies and life in general. Throughout their presence in the public eye, they have created trends that are highly endorsed by the world.

Source : Pinterest 

EVOLUTION OF BODIES – All of them have spent almost their entire lives in front of the cameras hence it is understandable for them to be burdened with insecurities and body image issues. Like any public figure, they extensively care about their physical appearance. From nose jobs to breast implants to liposuction to butt lifts to cheek fillers and the most famous lip fillers, K-members have left no stone unturned in reaching the peak of flawless beauty standards.

They have always made sure they have the perfect photogenic hourglass figure as their canvas for designer high-end clothes to turn heads. With reach comes responsibilities. Kim Kardashian was the original poster when it came to the famous ‘peach’ body. Her sisters followed her footsteps in acing the curves at their own levels. Kim’s body has become a reference from young girls to women who look up to her or her family in general. While it has made people feel good who can afford the luxury of botox it has also been a wild ride on the minds of young girls for not being able to own up to the unrealistic expectations.

Their bodies are idolised in the mainstream media. According to studies, there has been wide unhealthy attainment of KK’s body which has led to eating disorders, a decrease in self-confidence, anxiety and depression among people. 

Source : Google 

BODYCON – It is more than obvious to own body-hugging clothes to highlight the curves after spending pots of gold on gaining that perfect body. Body con dresses, tights, pencil skirts, biker shorts, bodysuits, monokinis or anything that is tightly fitted is glorified by the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. They have never felt shy in showing off their curvaceous bodies. These women have made accentuating curves extremely famous. 

Source : Instagram

LATEX – There is no doubt the K-dynasty has gone beyond and above with their looks even when they cost them ultimate discomfort. The viral footage from Keeping up with the Kardashians of Kimberly trying to squeeze herself into the head-to-toe latex Balmain suit during Paris Fashion week screams her love for latex.

Not just her, the other four as well are often seen donning latex outfits every now and then. The shiny ultra tight latex looks are the permanent members of the Kardashian ‘kloset’. Latex trends can be seen followed by girls all over social media. 

Source : Instagram

HERE TO SHEER – These ladies have never compromised on making bold choices for their clothes. Let the records show that Kendall has been the most rebellious of all five in terms of her red carpet looks. Be it the daring La Perla Haute Couture naked dress that was sheer at the back or Alexandre Vauthier mini dress covered in crystals during Cannes Film Festival in 2018.

One can not forget Kim when mentions bold. The queen of fame has made immense public appearances in see-through clothes. The family oozes nothing but confidence. 

THE FUTURISTIC GLASSES – Yes, the Yeezy sunglasses are here to stay. From Kim to Khloe to their daughters, the newly found love of this family is making news. Kanye’s Yeezy is the new trend beginning to rule the market. The giant shiny silver glasses are supported throughout the family.

Source : Instagram

NUDES AND NEUTRAL – Nude shades have been their thing quote for a while now. Kim’s entire business chain is dedicated to her love for neutrals. Earthly tones have started making a buzz with her brand gaining popularity. The three elder sisters have collaborated several times for their brands and each time donning a neutral shade. 

ATHLEISURE TURNED SEXY – They did it before it was cool! These change-makers not only accepted athleisure wear but also gave it a ninety-degree turn. Sweatpants with heels? Tights with boots? Joggers with stilettos? They have done it all. Heels with anything and everything has been their mantra.

Source : Pinterest

MATERNITY FASHION – It is raining body con again! Starting from Kourtney’s to the latest of Kylie’s, the ladies of ‘klan’ have flaunted every ounce of their bodies during their pregnancies. The long coats over a body-con dress hugging the baby bump like a chef’s kiss became a trend like fire in the forest. The oldest sister Kourtney paved the way for her sisters that tight is right.

Kim was active throughout her pregnancy and dropped looks after looks taking it to a whole new level making long shirts or trench coats over tight dresses a worldwide sensation. Following the steps of their sisters, Khloé and Kylie adopted the same. Take notes, Kendall!

Source : Pinterest

TO CONCLUDE – The Kardashian-Jenner family has been a major influence on a huge set of population. Girls all around the world worship these fashion icons. Their evolution in the industry is noteworthy and one can affirm you can love them or hate them but you cannot keep up with their ever changing trends!

Blog written by: Riya Singh

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