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Pitching Fashion as a Career to Your Parents

Creative careers or might we say, any career besides traditional medicine,

engineering, MBA, or CA studies, stand a pole apart from Indian parents. Although

today, there has been quite a lot of progress in this domain, especially in the cities,

there is still a lot to gain. When we talk about a career in fashion, particularly at a

traditional Indian home with no connections to the industry, there is mostly just

apprehension, tension, and well, fights. Does this sound familiar to you, our very own

fashion dreamers?

Well, this is the story of many aspirants’ lives. They have an immense passion for

fashion but the family is non-supportive of those passions. And while we understand

your pain, we also understand theirs. They are parents, after all, and they want to

make sure that whatever direction you choose, leads you to success. So, we can

conclude that the problem isn’t their attitude towards careers like fashion. It is, in

fact, the problem with how it is perceived so wrongly by everyone outside the


We can’t lie; there are several myths and misconceptions associated with fashion,

aren’t there? So, probably what you need to do is understand those myths and bust

them to your family instead of taking the other route of stubbornness. Here are some

things that can help you pitch fashion as a career to your parents, practically and


Source : Understand The Common Concerns Safe to say, our parents come with their own apprehensions and concerns regarding our lives, especially our careers. And, as much as we may want to disagree, their concerns are usually valid. So, before you decide to pitch fashion as a career to your parents, it’s imperative that you understand where they are coming from first. As your guardians, the first thing that may come to their mind would be the financial stability your chosen career comes with. In a country that harbours a traditional mindset that inclines towards traditional professionals, most people are wired to find other careers non-lucrative. So typically, parents have the following myths/misconceptions about off-beat career paths like fashion: - It is an unstable and fickle career - It is only meant for the Bollywood industry - It is a financially unstable career - It leads to bad habits in professionals - It requires years of hard work and struggle to get there - It needs industry connections to reach success Well, these are some of the most common myths that parents usually have about a career in fashion. And like we said, these are just misconceptions and can be smashed with logical explanations. Here is an example. - It is an unstable and fickle career. Without the right kind of hard work, step-by-step progress, and experience, any career can be unstable and fickle. - It is only meant for the Bollywood industry Fashion is a large part of the Bollywood industry, but it is, evidently, not restricted to just that. Where you shop from and what you’re wearing right now is also the product of fashion professionals. - It is a financially unstable career Every fashion career begins with a restricted salary, which only grows with time and experience, just like every other profession does. - It leads to bad habits in professionals

This is another myth that is associated with the Bollywood industry that does make up a big part of the fashion industry. But, bad habits depend on the person and not an industry per se. - It requires years of hard work and struggle to get there Well, every career has this prerequisite. No career comes with limited work and struggle. - It needs industry connections to reach success While this can be of help, it is not a prerequisite for success in fashion, Eventually, it all depends on your commitment, skills, and experience. Understand the Career Then Once you really understand the apprehensions and genuine concerns of your parents, you would want to help them understand things better. But, you cannot do that unless you understand them yourself first. Here’s what you need to do for the same: - MASTER YOUR RESEARCH Deep dive into all relevant and reputable online and offline sources that could give you all possible answers to your questions or a thorough guide on the exact stream you want to pursue. This could include books, articles, guides, videos, research papers, or even brochures and reviews of a specific course you’re looking at. Read on your preferred fashion path and understand what it takes, what is the future like, what skills would you need, what kind of a budget would you need, etc.

Source : - SPEAK TO MENTORS/INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS Besides your research, you can get hands-on insights from industry experts and professionals who have already studied what you want to. But, how do you do that? One answer is LinkedIn. Reach out to your role models and someone whose work you admire or maybe even an alumnus from a fashion school you have in mind. Reach out to them subtly, politely, and professionally and ask short specific questions about the industry. Moreover, you could also attend career seminars and events to engage with industry professionals and career counsellors to understand the career better. We say, keep your questions and doubts ready, and don’t hesitate in getting a clear guide on your career path here. Perhaps, even take a parent to one of these seminars for a direct peek into the industry? Present Your Facts to Your Parents Now that you have gathered all the information that you need to understand the said career yourself, along with the relevant facts, you are ready to present the same to your parents. If need be, show them your research and back them up with statistical proof to show legitimacy and to strengthen your chances of convincing your parents. However, the purpose here should be to change their mind towards the industry in the right way, with the right information.

Present Your Passion to Your Parents You’ve tried with facts and figures. Now, it’s time to try with the reason not many may talk about here - your passion. We say, let it shine and reflect through every word you use to talk your parents into it. Let them know and truly understand why you want to pursue fashion. Talk to them as you would talk to an interviewee or a friend about your passion for fashion. Let your parents be your friends and really get a peek into your heart and head. But, Make Sure There is Conviction The most important thing to do before you set on this expedition is to first make sure you are committed to fashion. Yes, you may have a lot of interest in it, you may have that soulful passion, and maybe even the skills. But, for a successful career in fashion, you need more than just that. You need commitment, conviction, and a lot of dedication. So, maybe consider identifying if you’re sure about fashion before delving into the aforementioned steps? Show Them This Video Lastly, don’t forget to show them this video - a conversational document of all the things your parents need to hear!

Yes, we’ve got every possible resource here for you to seek inspiration from! So, hit that link above and present it to your parents while also following other hacks here. Remember, the times evolve and so do your parents!


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