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Studying Fashion designing in India—Deciding On Your Dream School

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The fashion industry has come a long way for sure, and it is only expanding like never before. Today, you not only have access to professional studies in fashion designing in the country but also to well-acclaimed courses that come with international accreditations. So, let’s say that you have established that you want to pursue a career in fashion, but what’s next?

There are many factors that contribute to this decision of studying fashion in India. Your budget, the scope of your specialization, the school’s reputation, and more. So, how do you get started? Here’s how.

Factors that you need to consider before deciding on your dream school

As mentioned, the fashion industry is vast and there are so many options that you could choose from. So ideally, the first step for you, in any case, is to identify your exact field of interest and aptitude in fashion. Research and recognize what your calling is and then go ahead to identify the remaining factors. Weigh out different options, consider each criterion carefully, think, consult, and take your time to hit the right pot. Yes, this is as important as traditional education. Here are some important considerations to make your decision easier.

1. Cost

Studying fashion designing in India can be equally expensive as other courses. Having said that, different courses in fashion have different price points. For a shorter course or a part-time course, the cost can be lower and vice versa for a full-time course. Regardless, it is an investment as good as other more common study options.

2. Area of specialization

As aforementioned, when you shortlist the fashion designing schools you wish to attend, you also need to be sure of the exact course you would like to pursue. What is that area of specialization that you’re looking at? Filter out the schools accordingly, compare what matches your expectations and requirements better, and which school fits your dreams.

3. Curriculum

The third most important thing to think about when deciding on your dream fashion designing academy or designing school is the curriculum of the course you’re looking at. Although same, the curriculums for the same course may still vary slightly depending on the school and their specializations. One may have a specific subject that they can do away with, while the other may have something that they absolutely cannot compromise on. Again, shortlist and consider the remaining factors to make your decision.

4. Duration

Another most crucial factor to consider! The duration of the fashion designing course you would like to take up is directly proportional to its role in your career plans. It is important to know whether the duration of the course is aligning with your career plans or not. Moreover, you need to identify how much time you personally are willing to commit to it, and that also depends on whether it is a full-time career option or just something you’d like to explore.

5. The school’s reputation

This is more important than it appears. The school’s reputation and image in the industry can also play a role in determining your future job prospects. It is not about the size of the school but the quality it stands for. This makes it all the more important to weigh your options carefully. Your chosen college will, ideally, be the first platform for you to make a mark in the industry, so it is a given that you attend one with the power to back you and your dreams.

Questions you need to answer to come to your decision:

Well, a fashion school is a big investment of your time and money. And, we’re certain that you are already on your way to making that decision. But, if you’re still on a doubt bed then here are some questions that you can ask yourself to gain more clarity.

1. Is this going to be my full-time career?

Many fashion designing aspirants prefer to consider a part-time course or diplomas when they feel unsure of committing themselves to a full-time course with a higher fee. There are many schools available for you where you can begin with a part-time diploma, which can then graduate into a full-time course that promises more to your fashion career.

2. Do I want to explore other career options or is this it?

You can always start with a diploma or a part-time course that allows you to explore other career options too. If doubts still flood your mind, you are allowed to take some time introspecting and finding out the answer to this question. Remember, it’s never too late to start learning and identifying what you want to do.

3. Do I just have an interest in fashion or would I like to pursue it as a profession too?

We’re pretty sure that everyone working in the fashion industry must have wondered this at least once before they took the plunge. Safe to say, it is very important to ask yourself this question. Is it simply an area of interest, much like your other hobbies, or is it a vision, a dream, a future that you see every waking day?

4. Do I have the financial aid needed or is it fitting in my budget?

Again, once you’ve identified the cost of a course you’re inclined towards, this is the dilemma you must find a solution to. Are you equipped with financial assistance? Well, if not, then the good news is that although the industry is steeped in competition, it still takes the right skills and passion. Having said that, hard work and determination to reach the top trumps these other factors.

5. Am I ready to devote that time and effort even in the long run?

As emphasized upon before, a fashion designing academy or school is a huge investment in the form of money, time, and effort. And, this doesn’t end after your education; in fact, it starts there. So, ask yourself, are you ready to make an investment like that, not just today but even for tomorrow?

6. Do I have the aptitude and portfolio ready to qualify for a course?

This is one of the things you’ll know more about when you actually start researching and consulting schools. Most courses in fashion require you to present a portfolio to showcase your skills, aptitude, and intention of pursuing it. So, do you have the portfolio ready? Are you equipped with the basics of it?

7. Is a career in fashion designing really for me?

What difference do you want to make in the fashion industry once you get into it? What’s your ultimate goal in the industry? Where do you want to reach? Answer these questions and gain an understanding of the opportunities as well as the challenges to prepare yourself for a career in fashion. Read here and recognize if it is for you.

8. Have you explored all the different options available in the fashion industry?

Before choosing an area of specialization, you should explore different options related to your area of interest. Dive into deep research and find out what are the many careers available for you in fashion. Research, consult and recognize.

9. Does the school you’ve decided on fit the bill/criteria?

Lastly, let’s say you have shortlisted your options of schools and are looking at making the final decision. Now, go back to the above factors and check which option fits all your requirements and fits the bill in every capacity.

So, what did we learn here?

You have learned about the key considerations and questions to raise when in the process of deciding on your dream fashion designing academy in India. Now, you go ahead, think, research, consult, and shortlist your options. Then, it is time to plan and build your fashion designing portfolio to start applying to your final chosen fashion schools. Don’t forget, with the right guidance and determination, you can definitely get into your dream school.

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