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How To Know If A Career In Fashion Is The Way Forward?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

If you live and breathe fashion, then making a career in it must have topped your dream list too. However, to be able to do what you love while earning a living with it is not exactly like a dream. It does come with its own struggles, challenges, and of course, rewards as well. Not to forget, if you are someone who is not only passionate but also determined about it, you can make a significant difference in that industry.

A bridal fashion design illustration in the making in pure white
A bridal design illustration in the making

But today, with the onrush of everything related to fashion on the internet, particularly on social media, the line between fascination and purpose can get blurred. As Bill Cunningham says, “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” Fashion is a necessity today for most people and its booming presence and acceptance on the internet only aids that sentiment. So yes, you are interested in it, but do you really know if a career in fashion is the way forward for you?

Well, it certainly takes a little more than just interest; it takes some research and a whole lot of introspection. But, before we deep dive into this, let’s see some of the prime signs to know if this is it. Here you go!

1. You have a penchant for all things fashion and style.

Are you often complimented for your outfits? Do your friends tell you that you have an amazing dressing sense? Are you always putting together great outfits in your mind? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a career in fashion may be on the cards.

2. You deep dive into fashion-related news and events.

Your interest is not just confined to a wardrobe full of well-paired clothes but also to the larger picture of fashion. Brand launches, fashion events, shows, or even business-related news in the fashion industry pique your interest. So, if you find yourself following these almost religiously and the above sounds like you, then you have your answer.

3. You have an eye for colour combination, trends, fashion market moves, and


Well, having a penchant for fashion, and having an eye for the many aspects and details is different. If you are someone who knows the colour palette and its dynamics all too well, then you may certainly be inclined towards a professional career in fashion. You certainly know about the on-goings of the fashion trends, the market moves in the industry and the fashion seasons' know-how. Then well, your knowledge of fashion designing isn’t only confined to labels and apparel.

4. You don’t simply love clothes, you have an inexplicable passion for them.

Clothes are just not a token of style or functionality for you, they are something you live for. You don’t just pick clothes, you put effort into it all. You have an inexplicable love for clothes that extends beyond the regular frenzy for fashion in most people, and that's clearly a sign!

Now that you have crossed the basics, let’s dive into the scope of a career in fashion.

Fashion designer working in her studio
Now, you don't need to be a designer to be in fashion!

Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

The world isn’t the same as it was ten years ago. With many other progressions in society, many professions have also evolved, and so has the fashion industry. Today, there aren’t as many restrictions or limitations to what one can be with an interest in fashion.

Are you someone who is not creative and still wants to make a career out of fashion? Well, good for you, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Are you fashionable but also equipped with a business acumen? You’ve got a hoard of options to choose from too! Bottom line? There is a lot more than just fashion designing as a career for you today. Here are some fashion-based career options across various other domains.

1. Fashion Designing

The making of the fashion industry starts here. A commonly preferred career over others, fashion designing is more or less the end-to-end workings of the apparel market. As a fashion designer, you are not only expected to churn out designs but also study the trend cycles, the market, seasonal requirements, and be a business person too.

2. Fashion Styling

A career that has seen rapid growth over the last decade, fashion styling is practically shopping for a living. This area of fashion has a lot to do with planning, selecting, shopping and curating looks for celebrities and even the general masses. If this is your calling, you will be expected to deep dive into the trends along with your client’s personal style and other accompanying factors.

3. Fashion Journalism

If you are a fashion enthusiast and are also good with words, then this one's for you. Fashion journalism has a lot of scope today with the never-ending demand for fashion-related content and reporting of fashion news. So, this is where your interest in fashion can meet your storytelling skills.

4. Fashion Merchandising

The fashion industry is huge, and as an already established industry, there is a lot more to it than just styling and designing clothes. If you have an acumen in business development and/or marketing, and you find yourself drawn to the behind-the-store work, then fashion merchandising may be a good fit for you.

5. Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogging is a relatively new entrant in the set of fashion careers, but it is also the most popular career out there. This one is all over the internet and the potential isn’t exactly hidden from us. Here, you have the luxury to be your own boss and the choice to pursue fashion blogging with your own unique approach. This profession doesn’t come with a rule book or a set path, but it is certainly one that is flourishing.

6. Fashion Business Owner

This is another way to be your own boss, but it certainly doesn’t come with its own challenges. Whether it is owning a physical retail store or an online one, you are invested in everything here, right from designing and styling to merchandising and marketing. If not an active part of the above, you are expected to overlook the same to ensure a successful business.

A fashion designer working in his studio
A fashion designer working in his studio

But, What are the Challenges in Pursuing a Career in Fashion?

Well, nothing in this world is a cakewalk and like any other profession, this one comes with obstacles and challenges too. And as they say, the fashion industry may look glamorous but the reality is far different. This doesn’t rule out the perks of being a part of the profession, but having a manual of sorts can be of definite help. Here you go!

1. Success can take its own sweet time.

This is a well-known fact that success doesn’t happen overnight. But in the fashion industry, you might not get success even after years of working. It may take anything from months to years to showcase your work to the right people, so you can climb up the ladder to success. Here, just like any other profession, patience is key. Patience, persistence, and strong willpower is a crucial part of the job.

2. A competitive world with unglamorous work.

Many aspirants choose to be a part of the fashion industry because of the shiny exterior and glamorous portrayal. However, it is important to note that many people pursue their careers with the same thing in mind, probably even bigger visions. To spill the truth, fashion is one of the most competitive industries out there. Here, success doesn’t come without working for free and giving in long tedious hours too. Not to mention, your to-do list might even include tasks like fetching your boss a cup of coffee. But yes, it’s a part of the job and it is worth it.

3. The industry feeds on appearances, so self-confidence is a must.

Similar to the TV industry, the fashion industry harps on looks and appearances. Lowered self-confidence, self-esteem, and having a negative body image are some of the things that aren’t uncommon here. However, let us lend you a secret. The power lies within you and your perception of yourself. Blend that energy with your passion and hard work, and the challenge can be easily overcome.

4. You may need more than your skills sometimes.

Connections are important when it comes to working your way up to the top in fashion. You’ll need to be vocal and loud about what you do and confident about what you are trying to put out there. You can be great at your job, but communicating it is the only way to get the right acknowledgement and work.

From a runway model to a fashion show choreographer to a stylist, opportunities are endless in fashion!
From a runway model to a fashion show choreographer to a stylist, opportunities are endless in fashion!

So, What Did We Learn Today?

The bottom line is that nothing comes easy and hard work is necessary for each and every aspect of life. So, if you are ready to put your all into this profession, nothing should stop you. If your passion and interest meet the right skill sets and willingness to learn, your journey in the fashion industry is set for success. Of course, the right learning resources set that foundation you can base your success around. Start that now by joining the top Online Fashion Designing Academy - Designershala.


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