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The Importance of a Routine as a Creative Individual/Designer

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

You know why successful leaders and business owners emphasize the importance of routines? They don’t simply say so because they have to. They have practised the same and they have experienced their lives change for the good. A simple routine also can be a life-changing habit in your life. Yes, it is a habit at the end of the day, and it is known to bring numerous benefits to your well-being. But, what exactly is a routine?

Well, do you shower and brush your teeth daily? Do you eat your meals thrice a day? These habits are exactly what form a routine. Anything that you do daily on a regular basis as a habit of sorts, is a routine. But, when we say that you need a routine to make your life better. We don’t mean the same old necessary things like a shower, sleep, and food that you do daily. We mean setting a conscious routine of daily tasks that contribute to a set goal, a mission, or simply a better physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Source: 99Designs

A good routine is something that includes your daily work/study tasks, and some leisure hours dedicated to hobbies and things you enjoy. Then it also includes some rest and other miscellaneous things that you need and want in your life. Now, why exactly are we urging you to build a routine today if you don’t have one already? Why do you need it as a creative professional or a fashion designer? Read on to find out.

Why Routines Make You a Better Professional

Besides some personal benefits, routines have, reportedly, proven to lend many professional benefits too. Here are some ways it makes you a better professional.

1. Timely Work

Let’s say you have a design or a creative piece to deliver to your boss or a client tomorrow. And, because you don’t have a set routine, you take things as they come. So, you begin with the work tomorrow and with other chores and deliverables hampering your day, you end up not completing the assignment on time. On the other hand, if you have a routine, where you allot that particular assignment to a particular day and time, you stick to it and no other last-minute chores can interfere with it. Here’s how a routine helps you deliver timely work.

2. No Last Moment Anxiety

This goes hand in hand with the above point about timely work. When you arrive at a point where you have a deadline and you’re still working on the deliverable, you may go into panic mode. Now, this may not only hamper the timing of your work but also its quality. With a deadline hovering over your head and the pressure of delivering the best quality, you may go into a blank space, leading to depleting creativity and in turn, poor work. Not to mention, the harrowing anxiety of not being able to meet the commitment professionally.

3. Better Performance

Again, we’d like to reiterate the same points spoken about before. When you work around a set routine, where you know what you’re supposed to do at the given days and hours, you deliver quality work well within the deadline. With enough time in your hand, you tend to work on the project with better creativity and in turn, better quality and performance. With timely deliverables and consistent quality, you are bound to see positive outcomes.

Why Routines Make You a Better Person

1. You Feel in Control

As humans, most of us feel the need to be in control. We experience anxiety and other mental concerns when we feel like we’re losing control of our lives. Whether it is regarding our work, family, health, peers, romantic relationships, or any other aspect of our lives, we gain peace when we know it is all on track and in control. With unexpected and unprecedented situations, we lose focus and control, pushing us into a downward spiral of fear. The pandemic is a big example of that.

With a routine in place, we know what we’re doing tomorrow at this time. We know that this time, next week, we will either be working or doing something in our daily routine. Because we KNOW that, we feel in charge of our lives, even if it is in a small way. Now, this is exactly what gives us a sense of relief and calm, making us better mentally too.

2. You Feel Mentally Energetic

Many of us may deal with emotional or mental lethargy at times. And, even when we know what might help us deal with it, we may feel too restless to pursue those things. Making a routine is not only a great way to feel in control but also to develop healthy habits. Say regular exercise, evening showers, family time, and more are some examples of healthy habits that also help contribute to better mental health.

Infusing certain habits and uplifting activities in your daily routine is the way to go to also boost your mental energy. Staying in order may fill you with a sense of accomplishment, while the habits you enjoy may fill you with inner joy.

3. You Feel More Productive and Fulfilled

Making a routine and an accompanying task list to support it is another way to feel productive and fulfilled. When you follow the routine and check off each task as you complete them, you feel more productive and hence, accomplished. Productivity is one key factor when it comes to good mental health, which is equivalent to any creative profession too.

Source: The Spruce

Why Routines Make You More Creative

1. It Allows Free Flow of Thoughts and Ideas

When you set a routine for your work, considering the deadline if any, you also give yourself the gift of time and calmness. With that sense of peace and calm, you also allow yourself to think freely and open the gates to the free flow of thoughts and ideas. With this unrestricted flow of thoughts, you can ideate and curate better creative projects.

2. It Lets it Take its Own Sweet Time

Although it is not always possible to give a creative project a lot of time, a considerable amount of time is still a boon. With no extreme deadline looming over your head, you can let your creativity take some sweet time in giving the best results. Creativity is anyway known to take its own time and that patience certainly pays off. However, again this is only possible if this is planned in advance in a routine.

Why A Life Without Routines Dims Your Light Down

While having a routine in place makes your life easier by miles, not having one can have some disadvantages as a creative being. We’ve already taken you through those, but here’s a quick glance at it once again.

- It makes you feel like you’re out of control

You lose control of your life and approach it in a haphazard way, affecting the quality of your life.

- It may cause unexpected anxiety

That lack of control can, in turn, impact the quality of your life and work as well. And, this can cause anxiety and other mental inhibitions.

- It may hamper your creative processes by rushing it

In order to keep up with deadlines, you may end up interfering with your creative flow and process. And, your creativity is exactly what is your superpower as a professional.

- It may interfere with your energy levels

Lack of routine means lack of control and focus, which leads to mental unrest and eventually energy. So, to keep yourself active physically and mentally, it is important to have a routine including a little of everything.

4 Things That Your Daily Routine Needs as a Creative

If you are a creative professional or a student, study time or work hours would occupy most of your time. And, it is so important to have a routine for these tasks too. But, what more? To constantly fuel your creativity and keep yourself going, you need a lot more than just scheduling your work or study time.

Source: Body Hacks

1. Phone-less time

We are so tuned into the digital world at all times, even for inspiration. It is important to break away from that habit every day to find inspiration in the real world or to just be and revive our senses.

2. Physical movement

It is no news that some physical movement daily is the antidote to most physical and mental problems. Indulge in some exercises daily and feel your creativity get an instant boost.

3. Inspiration time

Read, talk to people, watch the individuals you look up to speak on your subject, and engage with creative content. Whether it is a designing workshop, a course, or a show, you can find inspiration anywhere.

4. A dose of downtime

Lastly, allot some time of your day to relax and not do anything. Just spend some time doing nothing. As creative individuals, it is mostly times like these that we end up finding the right hook to work on.

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