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Tips on how to find fashion inspiration

Do you often find yourself struggling with finding the “right style” for yourself? Clothes in your wardrobe do not excite you anymore, the pink and purple hues in your wardrobe feel less vibrant, and those statement sleeves are not so “statement” anymore? Hmm, then maybe you need someone who can guide you into finding some fashion inspiration. Worry not, because we have come up with 8 places where you can find some fashion inspiration and boost your wardrobe along with your confidence.

To begin with, fashion inspiration can basically come from anywhere and if you look closely, they are right at your fingertips!

Now I understand that finding fashion inspiration can be taxing because of the endless pool of resources available in our day-to-day life. But if used in the right way, according to your needs, then no, it won’t be taxing.

Let us jump in and find out what is in store for us.

Source: Pexels

Fashion magazines

This is hands down the most obvious place where you can find fashion inspiration, but honestly, this is one of the places we often tend to forget when looking for some inspo. Call me old school, but magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan are some of the best places when it comes to finding fashion inspiration. Each and every photograph, moodboard or collage created is so unique and that’s what makes magazines the best resource! So if you find a look that you absolutely love then maybe try recreating it with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I’m sure that this will create a fresh look to your old pieces and revamp your wardrobe completely in no time! Apart from clothes, you will also find tons of inspiration for haircare, makeup, accessories and footwear. So make sure you also keep an eye on those as well because, all of this combined will make you ten times more fashionable than before!

Source: Pexels


This is obviously a no-brainer but Fashion weeks and runways are definitely one of the most reliable sources when looking for inspiration. If you are having difficulty in deciding what colour to wear or which pattern to use then looking at pictures from websites like Vogue and Elle will help you to get a clearer view of the various fashion shows and trends that are circulating around the globe. So the next time you go shopping, you can forecast what pieces will be trending this season or the upcoming season and this will help you to invest in the right clothes accordingly. Hence, don’t forget to miss out on fashion weeks!

Source: Pexels

Movies and TV shows

Movies and TV shows are one of the easiest ways to find fashion inspiration and let me explain why! Every single outfit you see in the film has been carefully curated and conceptualised by costume designers to convey a specific characteristic, personality trait or a certain era that a character lives in and so on. For example, let us take the show Euphoria, where Rue, one of the main character’s in the show is shown to have a more casual, laidback and tomboy aesthetic. Her approach to dressing includes oversized pieces like hoodies and cargo pants with darker hues being worn predominantly. So if you resonate with Rue and her dressing style, then taking inspiration from her baggy fits and incorporating them in your wardrobe can be of great help. Some of my favourite movies and tv shows from which you can find fashion inspiration from are:

  • Clueless

  • 13 going on 30

  • Friends

  • Gossip girl

Source: Pexels


In this era of smartphones and technology, it is obvious that social media apps like instagram have played a major role in the development of novel trends like the Y2K fashion, for example. Billions of people use instagram and this has given rise to content creators and fashion bloggers who post lifestyle, comedy, fashion and makeup related content on social media. Hence, instagram is one of the easiest ways to find valuable sources of inspiration. You can again find your style by exploring different bloggers and their aesthetics. If you like a particular blogger and his/her style then you can implement them in your wardrobe. This just makes everything 10 times better! Some of my personal favourites are:

  • @trendelitee

  • @komalpandeyofficial

  • @anushkahazraa

  • @jihoonkm

  • @siddharth93batra

  • @unzalicious

Source: Pexels

Go on a shopping spree

One of the main reasons why you might feel out of the loop when it comes to fashion and trends is because you haven’t shopped in a while! Am I right? If this is your problem then I highly recommend you go on a shopping spree. Now if you tell me “money doesn’t grow on trees” then I’d say “technically it does, because it’s paper” - haha!

Anyways, jokes aside, you don’t have to go shopping and compulsorily buy something right? Exploring the mall/store will help you locate different pieces you might have not encountered before. Just by wandering around the store and window shopping, you might stumble across some stunning new patterns, fabrics and accessories. This will help you a lot and you will definitely come out of that loop. So give it a try!

Source: Pexels

Online stores

If you are someone who doesn't like going out or is too lazy to go out, then online platforms like Myntra and Nykaa Fashion are your best friend. Let’s be honest here, finding clothes from an offline store is quite exhausting. You have to keep walking and walking to find the right fit for you. This is where online retail stores come in handy. With its advanced search engine and the ability to filter options - you can buy absolutely anything and everything from anywhere around the world at the comfort of your house. These apps also show us pieces that are currently in trend, in discount and those who are the best sellers. This will also help us shop in no time, whilst remaining fashionable!

Timeless fashion

If you are someone who is interested in chic and neat dressing, then timeless fashion is your soulmate. For this you can source inspiration from the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn’s style is very poised and elegant. Her aesthetic is so ageless and you can incorporate her style even today! To channel any of her classic looks you will need a boatneck blouse, cropped trousers, black turtleneck, body-skimming dress, peter-pan collars, a vintage scarf, statement gold earrings, striped basics and some oversized black sunnies. If you have at least 3 of these in your wardrobe then you are all set to rock Audrey Hepburn’s style and timeless fashion.

Source: Pexels

Look beyond fashion

When looking for fashion inspiration, remember that you don’t have to get inspired only from fashion. Inspiration can come from anywhere, right from flowers and animals to art and music. Let’s say you love animals, try incorporating zebra prints or cheetah prints in your style. If you love achromatic paintings, then wear back and white outfits - you can also take inspiration from Moira, a character on a show called Schitts Creek. Inspiration from the outside world will aid you in finding a look that is unique and something which defines you.

In the end, fashion is not only about trends. Fashion is a tool. It is a means of communication and how you define and express yourself using the tool “fashion” is what matters.

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