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Hey, I am Shivangi!

I am so glad you made it to this platform! If you are looking to get started on your dream fashion life and want to chase your passions for fashion, you are in the right place!

At DesignerShala, we offer multiple courses, workshops and training to help you level up your game and get better prepared for the fashion industry!

I am obsessed with teaching fashion and after 4 years of teaching my army of thousands of students worldwide through YouTube, my motto is to now also mentor and teach those who are genuinely serious about a career in fashion!

With DesignerShala, I share everything I know and have learned as a designer for over 11 years and dive deep into fashion as a career. My number one goal as a mentor is to help you learn from my experience so that you can find the courage to take action on your own fashion dreams, and design an intentional life that you love wholeheartedly.

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Mrinalini Ravindran,16

Kerala, India

I came to know of ‘Designer Shala’ when Shivangi Lahoty announced it on her YouTube channel, as I have been passionately following her there for the past one year. When I enrolled for ‘Concept to creation’, I wanted my illustrations to be better proportioned and detailed. Although my human figures were okay, I had to know how to put my ideas on paper clearly and I got that on Designer Shala. My journey with Designer Shala has been beneficial, to say the least. My illustrations have turned catchier and I have gained an in-depth knowledge in Fashion Designing. My colour combinations and fashion knowledge have also been improved. Their monthly workshops made the basics of fashion designing accessible to me. My favourite feature of Designer Shala is it’s informative yet crisp and short videos. It’s definitely worth joining the course, as it’s beneficial for beginners and to anyone wishing for a career in fashion. It is one of the best decisions that I have taken so far, which will definitely help me in my future pursuits.

Thanks and regards

Hemantika Jain, 16

Kolkata, India

I have being watching and following Shivangi di for the past 3 years now. When I first came to know about Designershala, I was very excited and I thought that Concept to Creation would help me know the basics of design and illustration, but I was pleased to know that the course had so much more to offer. I did not know anything about illustration and when I enrolled for the course we had to submit one of our illustration I did not know what to do as I really had never made any illustration before, so I just made whatever came to my mind that time, and to be honest it was awful. That moment I realised that I needed this course so much to achieve my dreams and indeed this course has been the stepping stone towards by career. The live workshops to be honest are a detox session for me. It helps me regain the

power to works toward my ambition, amidst all other

work. Not to forget the best thing about this course is

that we can watch and re-watch it again and again,

at any point of time. I would really suggest anyone or all to sing up for the course because I do not really think you would ever get a better course ad a better mentor like Shivangi Di, so consider signing up!

Arsh Gupta, 19

Barreily, India

I got to know about Shivangi di aka our Designer Didi while scrolling my YouTube about 3-4 yrs back when I was in a dilemma that should I go on with my passion or do medicals as my father dreamt of.

But my thoughts completely changed when I learnt about fashion from Di. Now when she started Designershala, I without giving any second thought enrolled for it. Because the main difficulty was to improve my skills of sketching and making designs. After few days of practicing with the tricks and different ways told by Didi I was really overwhelmed as I saw a drastic change in my drawing skills.

My way of observing things improved and finally I am able to get my designs on paper as it is they are in my mind. Due to this I was able to give my NIFT entrance with confidence. Monthly workshops are the best thing as I met a few people from my city and people with a same mindset. These workshops also keeps me motivated to work hard for the entire month and to improve. My personal favourite thing of DesignerShala is that the videos are pre-recorded and always have something extra for you. Even we get mails and all the necessary information and every help in a possible way.

Clynne George, 17

Goa, India

I started watching your YouTube videos last year, that is where I discovered DesignerShala. For a while now I have been very insecure about my sketching skills. I knew that your course was what I needed and watching ur YouTube videos I knew I could trust you. As of now I having an awesome experience. My sketching has gotten so much better since. The live monthly workshops provide so much insights. Plus the 5 day challenge was the best thing ever. I procrastinate a lot, so that challenge was very helpful. 

#yourdreamfashionlife helped me prepare myself for the future with preparing a vision board, resume etc. 


Thank you Dii for such an awesome opportunity!


Yamuna Datti, 19

Vishakhapatnam, India

I am a student at NIFT (Bhubaneshwar) currently pursuing Textile Design. As a fashion and textile enthusiast I have been searching for courses online during the pandemic and most of the courses were not of much help. I have been watching your youtube videos before getting into NIFT. Designershala was unbelievably helpful to me. The best thing is I got my basics right with Concept to Creation course. I have been struggling with a lot of clutter and your workshops taught me how to get back on track. The workshops kept me motivated and I am very thankful to you for spending time with us every month! Your courses majorly focused on getting the foundation right and that helped me a lot. Most online courses skip the basics and it just gets pretty much overwhelming. I love everything about the course and one of the best things in the course is rendering techniques. I suffered a lot with rendering and now it got easy for me. I would definitely suggest your courses to design aspirants as it is one of the best. Investing in Designershala is one of the best things I have done.

Anushree Kudtarkar, 16

Mumbai, India

I found you through YouTube and later joined the Concept to Creation Course and this is how I became a part of Designershala. This course helped me a lot as I would always sketch only clothes and not human figures because I was absolutely worst at it, but even I can't believe myself that I was the one who was not knowing to drawing even a percent of human figure and now I can draw it super duper easily. This course has just simplified each and every small little things that anyone, literally anyone can become a pro at it after taking up the course. And the live sessions with you are magical because it's so knowledgeable. I already feel I am in a fashion design college. My favourite feature of the course is ,it allows me to learn at my speed ,I can always slow down or fast the video according to my wish. I would suggest each and every Fashion Aspirants to join Designershala, because it's totally worth that investment and the amount and quality of knowledge we are getting is so immense and so pure . Also it's totally flexible we can learn however we wish as its features allows us to do so and I don't feel anyone like anyone will regret after taking this course because I can already feel the vibes, everyone will be on top of their games after completing the course!