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How to Research For Your Fashion Projects

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Well, research is not everyone’s cup of tea. While for some, it is a reason to get pumped, for others, it’s the reason behind their exhaustive sigh. But hey, it can also be made into a task that well, doesn’t feel like a task. We’ve got the secret sauce for the same! But, first things first. When it comes to researching for your fashion projects, it is best to think of it as a fun activity that is to be done using your mind but also your heart and your free-flowing creativity. The one reason why most of us find research for projects tedious is because of its reputation of being difficult and technical.

However, if you really immerse yourself into it with an open mind and curiosity, you'll be surprised to see how fun and interesting the whole process is. All you got to do is be willing and excited to learn, and listen to your instincts. A bonus reminder? Don't think of it as a tough task. Research doesn't have to be so hard. Treat it like a learning source and something to derive raw ideas from, and you're good to go!

Research for Inspiration

- Turn Towards Nature & Inwards

As they say, the best of inspiring elements are just around you and also within you. All you need to do is really look and dig deeper. So perhaps, instead of trying too hard to find the inspiration you need or the perfect muse, just be and get to introspecting. What’s better? Plan a day outdoors every once in a while to refresh, recharge and of course, draw inspiration from the natural sceneries and sights

around you. Who knows? That could also compel you to indulge in some self-introspection and awareness and the muse could be right there!

Source: Unsplash - Let Media Do its Magic

Today, there is no end to what multimedia can do for you. Right from entertainment to education, it can serve many purposes. And, this is one thing that it can also cater to - your inspiration. It is a funny business; you never know when it can come to you and when the brightest idea may strike you. You could simply be binging on your favourite show and that perfect idea may come to you. You could be flipping through magazine pages and it may strike you. You could be watching an award show and a celebrity look may also end up being that ideal muse for you!

The point? Well, there's a lot of helpful material and inspiration that one can find online or through various other entertainment platforms such as television, magazines, and even social media. One could find an idea for their next collection by merely watching a series and designing an outfit keeping their favourite character in mind. Moreover, your everyday scroll on social media can sometimes do wonders too! You never know, a simple post may inspire you with its colour palette or a design. The only thing that you got to do in this case is to be open, be welcoming, and be aware enough to identify it when it does come to you.

- Turn the Leaf and Get Reading

Inspiration could come at any moment when the wheels of your mind are constantly twisting and turning. And, what better way to keep them on the go than to grab an interesting book that can keep you hooked? Even if it’s not relevant to your industry AKA fashion, it doesn’t matter. The point is to let your mind and imagination wander with a story that keeps you hooked. You may be reading a classic and a certain era’s charm may become the driver of your inspiration. You could be reading a modern mystery and the protagonists’ character may lead you to the right theme.

Research for Visuals

- Say Yes to Magazines/Digital Portals

A common resource for any kind of research for visual representations, cutouts from online or offline magazines tops the list. Especially for fashion research, fashion magazines not only serve as ideal sources for information and trending news but also appealing visuals for your project. The only thing you got to take care of when you do research here is making sure it’s from legitimate and reputable sources.

Source: Unsplash - Field Trips or Personal Projects

We say, never shy away from relying on your experiences and projects. Your snaps from field trips to fashion shows or experiences working on your own fashion projects. Of course, the quality of the visuals here is to be ensured but apart from that, we guarantee that it is a great idea to look into your own collections of relevant pictures and projects for the right visuals.

- Pictures of the Past and Present

One source of everyone’s fashion frenzy and indulgence is the fashion that we see our celebrities wear. Moreover, the history of fashion is a testimony to how it has evolved over the years. Personalities apart from celebrities have also played a role in it. Prominent personalities during historical movements, important periods in history, and of course, celeb fashion over the years - all of this can become a great source of inspiration and of course, all kinds of research. - Books, Books, and Books

The more you read, the more you know and grow. When we say read, we mean not only fashion magazines and fashion books but also fashion articles, research papers/books, biographies of famous fashion designers, etc. The library of fashion is limitless and so are your options to feed your fashion brain. The more you know, the stronger your research will be.

Source: Unsplash

- In-Person Interviews and Surveys

While the internet and offline treasures are filled with notes and excerpts from experts that you can seek information from, in-person learning hits different! A slightly unusual but most effective way to build on your research is to consider personal interviews with your favourite and accessible industry experts or mentors. Moreover, you can also send out surveys to professionals to get an insight into their personal knowledge base to get a better and deeper understanding.

Nonetheless, research should be considered a hobby and not a chore. This shift in the mindset is one way to make it an interesting part of your fashion career or education. So, get set and go research?

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